ClickFuel Helps VocalizeMobile Generate Customer ROI with Marketing Analytics

Small Business Increases Revenue by $500K with Mobile Search Campaign Analytics

BURLINGTON, Mass. – ClickFuel, the provider of Fuel Station, a marketing analytics and performance management solution for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), announced that its customer, VocalizeMobile, a mobile search platform, uses Fuel Station to track and predict search campaign efficiency. With Fuel Station,VocalizeMobile increased revenues by more than $500,000 within six months for its SMB customer Easy Moving Company. ClickFuel delivers data on a single platform to empower marketing decision-making and improve campaign productivity and presence.

Mobile devices are replacing yellow pages and computers as the go-to medium by which to find products and services. SMBs use VocalizeMobile to easily understand how visible they are on mobile searches and what they can do to improve their presence and attract new customers. To provide SMBs such as Texas-based Easy Moving Company with a snapshot of their campaigns that tracks clicks and leads, VocalizeMobile deployed Fuel Station to its more than 500 customers. The dashboard also delivers visible validation for VocalizeMobile sales representatives to optimize analysis of customer data, make recommendations and present clients with reports detailing trends, clicks and impressions.

“The analytics delivered on the Fuel Station dashboard serve as invaluable tools to our business, providing the specific data needed to reduce the time analyzing each customer campaign,” said Philip Krim, founder and CEO of VocalizeMobile. “ClickFuel also provides our sales representatives with the insight they need to validate to customers, like Easy Moving Company, that our platform generates the highest-quality leads with the fastest returns.”

With ClickFuel’s Fuel Station dashboard, VocalizeMobile and Easy Moving Company can visualize the effectiveness of each campaign and make adjustments as needed to maximize marketing spend. As a result of Fuel Station’s accuracy and transparency, VocalizeMobile sales reps were able to provide Easy Moving Company with targeted campaigns that generated, within the first six months, 60 new phone calls per month and experienced a more than 75 percent success rate in converting calls into customers. The marketing analytics provided by Fuel Station enabled the VocalizeMobile sales reps to support Easy Moving Company’s marketing increase, expanding the company into new cities throughout Texas.

“We address the challenges SMBs face in maximizing online marketing spending, tracking campaign effectiveness and reducing the time necessary to analyze campaign data,” said Steve Pogorzelski, CEO of ClickFuel. “With VocalizeMobile, SMBs can use Fuel Station as an effective lead-generation resource, and the returns for customers like Easy Moving Company have been immediate and significant.”

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About ClickFuel

ClickFuel provides software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based marketing analytics and performance management solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. The company’s proprietary marketing analytics dashboard, Fuel Station, tracks and monitors multiple marketing and advertising campaigns on a single platform. ClickFuel offers a white-label version of Fuel Station to media and marketing service providers and enterprise-level businesses serving the SMB market, such as The E.W. Scripps Company, DudaMobile and GateHouse Media’s Propel Marketing. ClickFuel arms its partners’ SMB clients with reliable, on-demand campaign reporting that delivers real-time results and data intelligence to ignite smarter business decisions. For more information, visit

About VocalizeMobile

VocalizeMobile is a mobile search platform that captures real-time demand for local businesses by making them more visible to a consumer who is actively looking to make a purchase. Over $120 billion is spent on local advertising per year, but less than 3 percent of that has shifted to mobile advertising. Mobile devices are replacing yellow pages and desktops as the go to medium to find products and services. The Vocalize platform allows a business owner to easily understand exactly how visible they are today, and then provides the tools and services needed to improve their presence, claim top listings, and drive new customers profitably. VocalizeMobile has generated more than 100,000 leads for its clients, and generate thousands more every month.