Nuance Unveils Voice Ads: A Game Changer in Interactive Advertising

Nuance Turns One-Way Mobile Advertising into an Intelligent and Engaging Two-Way Conversation

BURLINGTON, Mass. – Nuance Communications (NASDAQ: NUAN) unveiled Voice Ads, an innovative new mobile advertising format that lets people have a two-way conversation with the brands they love. By integrating Nuance’s powerful voice technology, Nuance Voice Ads transforms traditional mobile advertising into an engaging and entertaining conversational experience, and finally gives consumers a say in the way brands advertise to them – literally.

Mobile advertising is one of the fastest growing segments of digital advertising landscape. According to eMarketer, mobile ad spending around the world more than doubled in 2012 from $4 billion in 2011 to $8.41 billion, and anticipates that spending will approach $37 billion by 2016. Despite the explosive growth, mobile ad revenue still lags behind the larger-screened PC and Internet TV experiences. The billion-dollar question in all these billions – how can advertisers create a more engaging experience that compels the consumer to act? The way we see it, nothing is more engaging or natural than a conversation.

Nuance Voice Ads gives mobile advertisers and creative agencies an opportunity to go beyond the limitations of the four-inch mobile device screen and create a conversation with consumers through the power of voice recognition. Voice Ads finally creates an opportunity for brands to deepen the relationship with their consumers, with targeted interactive ads that deeply engage their core audience – much in the way that the world’s most popular mobile personal assistants have deepened consumers’ relationship with their mobile phones.

Nuance has partnered with many of the leading companies in the mobile advertising ecosystem to ensure broad reach and distribution for Voice Ads – a completely new format for mobile advertising. Creative advertising agencies include Digitas, OMD and Leo Burnett, while mobile advertising companies such as Millennial Media, Jumptap and Opera Mediaworks (AdMarvel, Mobile Theory, and 4th Screen), will provide distribution to more than 100,000 app publishers and hundreds of millions of consumers globally. In addition, mobile rich media ad servers such as Celtra are providing tools for rich media production and analytics on mobile devices.

How Nuance Voice Ads Works

Nuance Voice Ads is optimized for the unique capabilities of the mobile device: location awareness, mobility, and voice input. Voice Ads technology is fully scalable, and is easily integrated with and distributed across the entire mobile ad ecosystem. Further, Voice Ads are simply easy and fun for consumers to use. An ad appears and prompts the consumer to participate by speaking to it. From there, the conversation drives the experience, which is tailored to meet both the needs of the brand and the consumer.

See Nuance Voice Ads in Action

“Compelling user experiences are critical to mobile advertising – you have only a few seconds to capture the interest of a demographic that is always on the go, multitasking, and seeking instant gratification. Voice Ads engages multiple senses while creating an even stronger emotional connection through conversation with a brand,” said Brett Leary, vice president, Mobile, Digitas.

“Mobile advertising invites a unique opportunity for design and technology to work together, which makes Voice Ads an incredibly powerful new element in the world of interactive advertising,” said Laura Schneider, Mobile Specialist, OMD. “Infusing voice as part of the ad experience gives us an entirely new landscape of creative assets and capabilities that will transform a brand’s ability to quite literally speak directly to their target audience.”

Beyond Serving Impressions – Creating Lasting Impressions

Speaking to an ad is not only simpler for consumers, but research has shown that it results in stronger brand recall.

“Voice Ads is a game changer,” said Martin Lindstrom, branding expert and New York Times best-selling author of Buyology and Brandwashed. “Brands can create lasting impressions by getting users to vocally engage in the ad experiences. Never before has a brand been able to have a personal dialogue with over a billion users. This is the mass intimacy brands have been craving.”

“Voice Ads redefines the relationship between consumers and mobile advertising, giving them an opportunity to engage with brands in a more meaningful way,” said Michael Thompson, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile. “Voice has already changed the mobile interface, making it faster and easier for consumers to discover and access information, and find people and content. Mobile advertising shouldn’t be any different, and should be designed specifically around the unique capabilities of the mobile device.”

Start the Conversation with Your Consumers

Nuance Voice Ads is available now for mobile ad platform and network providers and creative agencies as a Software Development Kit (SDK) that can easily be integrated into new or existing mobile advertisement campaigns. To see Voice Ads in action and to learn more about how your brand can begin the conversation with its consumers and work with our partners, visit

Nuance Voice Ads is Nuance’s latest groundbreaking innovation showcasing the power of voice and natural language understanding that continues to define a new generation of intelligent systems and personal assistant technologies. Nuance’s broad portfolio also includes Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Dragon Dictate for Mac, Dragon Mobile Assistant, Dragon Assistant for Intel-inspired Ultrabooks, Dragon Dictation, Dragon Go!, Dragon Drive, Dragon TV, Dragon ID, Dragon Voicemail to Text, and Swype. With Nuance technology, people experience more humanized interactions with the world’s best phones, tablets, computers, cars, TVs, apps and services from leading manufacturers and operators. To learn more visit

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