Adblade Expands Placements, Becomes Largest Content-Style Ad Network

  • News Bullets Content-Style Ad Units Surpassing AdSense for Premium Publishers
  • Premium Performance for Thousands of Advertisers in Premium Content

NEW YORK – Adblade, the only premium content-style ad platform online, announced it has passed 200 million unique users a month, thanks to the overwhelming adoption by premium publishers of its innovative “Content-style” ad units. Adblade now connects more than 15,000 advertisers to content-style ad placements on more than 1,000 websites, including most of the premium media brands online.

“We’re tremendously excited about the accelerated adoption by our publisher and advertiser partners”

Examples of Adblade’s premium only news network include; Fox News, Christian Science Monitor, Investopedia, McClatchy Newspapers, NY Daily News, United Press International, Fox Business, Worldnow Local Media Network, Hearst Broadcast, Sinclair Broadcast, Journal Register, Washington Times, Tech Media Network and hundreds more.

“Adblade’s in-content placements allow us to make more money across more of our pages; lifting performance in many areas,” said Chris Tolles, CEO for Topix, the leading news community on the web. “As a publisher, simple and effective solutions like this are key to our growth.”

Integral Ads (formerly Adsafe Media) ranks Adblade inventory among the top brand safe ad networks with an average rating of 180, or about double the rank of copycat ad networks. This high brand safety rating reinforces Adblade’s five-year strategy of limiting distribution of ad units to the largest premium publishers and avoiding the long tail of lesser sites, where click and impression fraud is rampant.

“We’re tremendously excited about the accelerated adoption by our publisher and advertiser partners,” said Ash Nashed CEO of Adblade. “Because Adblade eschews the long tail, we have been able to avoid diluting the value of inventory for advertisers and preserved compelling CPMs for our publishers. This virtuous circle of premium only inventory on large branded publishers is unduplicated in the marketplace, and quite antithetical to the self-service platforms provided by our competitors.”

Adblade’s content style ad campaigns – called NewsBullets® – produce some of the highest ROI in the industry and have consistently driven value for advertisers and publishers alike. Adblade’s advertisers, including Lending Tree, American Express, Holland America Cruise, and Fisher Investments, have discovered a highly efficient conduit to connect and communicate with target audiences.

About Adblade

Adblade, the only premium content-style ad platform online, works with more than 1000 premium distribution partners on behalf of more than 13,000 advertisers. Adblade reaches more than 200 million users a month according to comScore, and is rated by Adsafe Media as one of the most Brand Safe Ad Networks in the US. For more information visit