Yieldex Integrates with Operative to Bring Increased Efficiency to Weather.com, Cars.com and Other Digital Publishers

Integration Enables More Effective and Transparent Ad Operations

New York, NY – Yieldex, the leading provider of inventory and revenue management solutions for digital publishers, announced that it has integrated with Operative, the premier advertising business management company, to help publishers gain greater transparency across their advertising inventory and increase revenue potential.

Digital publishers such as Weather.com and Cars.com are using Yieldex and Operative’s combined capabilities to gain better visibility into their ad businesses. Prior to the Yieldex and Operative integration, publishers were often forced to waste resources and valuable time exchanging e-mails and phone calls between the sales and yield teams to determine inventory availability and appropriate pricing. Now, at the time of proposal, ad sellers can find products that match the customer’s request in Operative.One, Operative’s SaaS-based advertising business management platform, and simultaneously view inventory and recommended pricing information for those date ranges via the data integration with the Yieldex platform.

For digital publishers, access to accurate inventory and pricing is a crucial component of the sales process, and key in overcoming fragmentation and inefficiency issues that can result in forecasting errors and decreased revenue. The Yieldex and Operative integration gives publishers a single system that enables their sales teams to get a holistic view of available inventory and optimize pricing before contacting advertisers.

“Our mission is to provide the ultimate operating system that equips digital publishers with the tools needed to overcome process hurdles, maximize efficiency and further monetize their ad businesses,” said Lorne Brown, President and CEO of Operative. “The incorporation of Yieldex’s top-quality platform into Operative.One offers our clients an unmatched solution for generating new revenue opportunities and better margins, while also eliminating the need to access and manage multiple data sets across disparate systems.”

“Publishers are turning to Yieldex for top quality solutions and our partnership with Operative helps generate new revenue opportunities and better margins for our clients. Now, we can leverage Operative’s operating system to marry our pricing and inventory data, eliminating many of the inefficiencies and offline processes commonly associated with yield management. We’re delighted to partner with a company that has Operative’s pedigree,” said Andy Nibley, CEO of Yieldex.

About Operative

Operative Media, Inc. is the premier advertising business management company enabling media and advertising organizations to profitably run increasingly complex businesses with simplicity. Operative’s next-generation, SaaS-based platform, Operative.One, and technology-enabled services help media industry leaders and their partners reduce transaction costs and boost advertising revenue by balancing operational efficiency with innovation. More than 200 industry leaders representing over 30 percent of digital advertising revenue – including NBC Universal, Kelley Blue Book and Weather.com – rely on Operative to provide the business processes and systems necessary to package, sell, traffic, manage, optimize and collect revenue on advertising products. For more information, visit www.operative.com.

About Yieldex

Yieldex created the first comprehensive, fully integrated revenue and inventory analytics platform for digital publishers.  Yieldex’s format-agnostic platform, YieldEdge, accurately forecasts, manages and prices inventory across all revenue channels.  Digital publishers who use YieldEdge have stopped leaving money on the table because they no longer have to juggle multiple delivery platforms across channels and formats or untangle complicated, overlapping inventory.  Leading media companies such as the Wall Street Journal, Scripps Networks Interactive, CBS Interactive, The Weather Channel and dozens of other publishers all use Yieldex to unlock the true value of their inventory.  For more information, visit www.yieldex.com.