DG MediaMind becomes first global Rich Media Vendor for Tencent Internet Media

Global and Local Advertisers can now reach Tencent’s 750 Million Users in China

New York, NY and Hong Kong – DG (NASDAQ: DGIT), the leading independent provider of integrated digital advertising solutions, and Tencent, one of China’s largest and most used Internet service portals, announced a partnership today, making DG MediaMind the first global rich media platform for Tencent.  The partnership will enable Tencent to deliver more sophisticated rich media advertisements with all of the benefits of third party ad serving.

Advertisers will be able to take full control of their ad campaign by better targeting and frequency control.  Third party ad serving also provides advertisers with the true value of each media channel with a comprehensive set of campaign performance data.

“It is very exciting to see the partnership forged between Tencent and DG MediaMind. As China’s biggest portal website, we never stop looking for new ways to bring higher value to advertisers while achieving growth for our shareholders,” said Zuo Wang, Tencent Product Director. “MediaMind has been building visually impactful and engaging creative formats for thousands of advertisers globally. Adding MediaMind’s rich media technology to QQ.com’s offering creates a positive chemical reaction that will help portal banner ads alongside video and social media.”

DG MediaMind technology enables advertisers to optimize campaigns and to gain actionable insights from campaign performance data.  “Global brands have been hesitant to advertise online in China due to a lack of transparency and the difficulties in campaign execution,” said Neil Nguyen, CEO and President of DG.  “QQ’s open attitude to work with an independent global digital vendor means that global campaigns will be able to extend seamlessly to the local market in China and that campaign measurement will be accessible.”

DG MediaMind has customized its ad servers to be physically located in Mainland China and it allows publishers the flexibility to control how the ads are being published in compliance with their technology standards.

About Tencent (QQ)

Founded in November 1998, Tencent is one of the largest internet service providers. It is also the internet enterprise with the biggest user base. In the 10 years since its’ founding, Tencent has consistently held up the value ‘user benefits come first’ and maintained steady growth. Tencent went public on HK stock exchange on 16th of June, 2004 (Stock ID 700).

Tencent’s mission is improving the quality of life for its users through internet services. Its strategic goal at the moment is providing ‘one-stop-shop online live service’, internet value added service, mobile/telecom service as well as internet advertisement. Through its production line which consists of the QQ instant messenger, WeChat, QQ.com, Tencent Games, QQ Space, Wireless portal, Soso, Paipai and Tenpay, Tencent has built the largest online community in China satisfying user demands ranging from communication, learning, entertainment to e-commerce. Up until 31st of December, 2012, Tencent’s instant messenger has successfully acquired 798.2 million active users with 176.4 million online simultaneously at peak time. Its development has profoundly influenced and changed the communication habit and the way of life for hundreds of millions of internet users which has also established fertile field for the internet application industry.

Since 2011, Tencent has built a fast growing video site and a market dominating mobile communication software similar to ‘Line’ called Wechat, which has penetrated the market rapidly.

About DG
DG (NASDAQ: DGIT) is the leading global multiscreen advertising management and distribution platform, fueling campaign management across TV, online, mobile and beyond. Through a combination of technology and services, DG empowers brands and advertisers to work faster, smarter and more competitively. Boasting the world’s largest hybrid satellite and internet network for broadcast video delivery, the company’s unparalleled campaign management encompasses multiscreen ad delivery, cross-channel research and analytics, and unified asset management.  The DG product portfolio consists of two overarching product lines for online and video campaign management: MediaMind and VideoFusion.

With New York as a center of operations, DG is a global company that connects over 14,000 advertisers and 7,400 agencies worldwide with their targeted audiences through an expansive network of over 50,000 media destinations across TV broadcast and digital advertising in 78 countries.   For more information, visit http://www.dgit.com.