Future of Video: The World is Watching (infographic)

The online video marketplace is undergoing tremendous growth as advertisers and brands increasingly supplement their TV ad campaigns. To better understand the significant impact of the industry, Visualtising, a video division of Altitude Digital, launched an Infographic called, “Future of Video: The World is Watching”.

Altitude Digital is an integral part of the video advertising industry as the company currently serves more than 2 billion videos ads a month, which is 17 percent of all video impressions served worldwide. Leadership in programmatic selling of online video advertising, strategic partnerships and overall progression has all played a role in the company’s success.

According to Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast (2012-2017), globally, and not counting mobile, there will be nearly 2 billion Internet video users, double what existed in 2012. ”The future of video is exciting for all of us at Altitude Digital because of convergence of one screen, real-time data, analytics and targeting. Our ecosystem enables online publishers one-to-one insight on a mass scale,” says Brian Allen, director of video syndication at Visualtising. “Moving forward it’s all about reaching the right audience at the right time on the best device.”

Cisco’s VNI forecast also states global network users will generate 3 trillion Internet video minutes per month, which is 6 million years of video per month, or 1.2 million video minutes every second or more than two years worth of video every second.

The “Future of Video: The World is Watching” Infographic is part one of a three part series to be distributed over the next few months. The Infographics are complementary to Altitude Digital’s mission to elevate, maximize and optimize publisher’s inventory to generate advertising and publisher solutions.