Milestone achieved: KissMyAds Now Has 1000+ Offers to Choose From

When it comes to mobile advertising, publishers need to make sure their audience likes what they see. Especially if you’re working in the affiliate, CPA-based context, matching offers and audience is the key to success. In an interesting message for mobile Publishers, Mobile performance marketing network KissMyAds announced that it has now more than 1000 offers active in its system.

“This is a milestone for our company”, says KissMyAds Founder Florian Lehwald, “because affiliates need to be sure that they can find variety and multiple offers for their varying audiences.” While the sheer amount of offers in itself speaks for the good work of KissMyAds Advertiser Management unit, Daniel Mensing also adds that the growth of the offer base comes courtesy of a high-level quality management. “Our Advertiser Managers check each submitted offer individually, as part of a detailed and certified process to make sure our network will stand up to the high expectations of mobile marketing”, says the Chief Operating Officer of the Cologne-based startup.

Continuous communication between Advertiser and Publisher Management leads to a marketing environment featuring the highest possible payouts as well as excellent conversion rates over the full range of the Publisher’s inventory. “We are also working on upgrades to further improve the matching of offers to inventories”, says Daniel Mensing.

About KissMyAds

KissMyAds Ltd. is based in London, United Kingdom, and led by founder and CEO Florian Lehwald, an online marketing pioneer and entrepreneur. The company was established with the help of an investment from Cologne, Germany-based Venista Ventures. For more information, see