Dobango Launches PinAds, Expanding Social Marketing Platform for Pinterest

Social engagement platform Dobango allows enterprises to manage their visual web presence

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Dobango, Inc. expands its social marketing platform launching PinAds, the first real advertising solution for Pinterest, connecting advertisers to influential users.

“We really wanted to make successful marriage between visual marketing and the social media community”

With the rise of visual web, brands have been scrambling to manage their presence on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and other social media networks. Since Pinterest’s first launched, brands have been anxiously awaiting a method that allows interaction with the social media’s massive and highly engaged audience. They have been looking for a tool that allows them to manage their content, evolve their social contests and reach out to users via advertising on these visual social networks. PinAds brings a comprehensive platform that allows any enterprise, brand or ecommerce company, to manage their visual web presence.

“Successful enterprises will have to see the curves of the earth in managing their visual web presence effectively,” said Devkumar Gandhi, CEO, Dobango. “We are leading the way and providing the tools for brands with an option for advertising on Pinterest.”

PinAds enables Pinterest users to capitalize on their presence by giving the option to sign up as Influencers. As influencers, users have the ability to customize settings so that the PinAds that appear on their page are in line with their content, interests, and ethics.

“We really wanted to make successful marriage between visual marketing and the social media community,” added Mr. Gandhi. “We understand that Pinterest users might be reluctant to let advertisers on their page, but PinAds is committed to preserving the integrity of content on Pinterest.”

Influencers explicitly approve PinAds and have the capability to manage them before it appears on their Pinterest boards. Influencers can also control the categories of their Pinboards and frequency they’ll allow PinAds to appear by simply fine-tuning the settings.

So how does PinAds work? When advertisers create a new PinAd, they select which Pinterest categories their ads will be distributed to. Influencers determine in which categories they are willing to allow a PinAd, and the match is made.

User engagement data is then extracted and posted to the analytics page of PinAds’ dashboard. This integrated solution allows PinAds to synchronize data from Pinterest in real time to track engagement and results for each PinAd.

Dobango’s PinAds is successful because it connects advertisers with people who love their brands. PinAds simplifies the process of brand awareness and targeted marketing for advertisers. Influencers also benefit as brand ambassadors who have a say in what appears on their Pinterest page.

Brands enjoy more engagement and success as a result of Dobango’s PinAds, particularly because they don’t have to fight to rise above the heavy marketing noise present on Facebook. To begin reaching customers directly on Pinterest today, please visit

About Dobango, Inc.

Dobango is a social engagement company. It provides PinAds, which allows brands and enterprises to manage their visual web presence via social advertising, social contest and content management on Pinterest and other platforms.