Placed Launches Placed Attribution, the Solution to Measure the Impact of Mobile Ads on In-Store Visits

Placed Extends Mobile Ad Attribution Past the Device and Into the Physical World

SEATTLE, WA – Placed, the leader in location, today announced the introduction of Placed Attribution (, the programmatic solution to measure the impact of mobile advertising on in-store visits. Placed Attribution introduces a new class of ad metrics designed to quantify audiences and conversion beyond the mobile device.

“Placed is the attribution layer for mobile. Placed Attribution changes the way marketers perceive mobile, where the conversion is no longer just the click, it is a quantifiable store visit,” said David Shim, Founder and CEO of Placed. “By combining direct measurement with a 100% opt-in panel, Placed delivers an unprecedented view into the effectiveness of mobile advertising.”

Building upon the foundation of Placed Insights, Placed Attribution references more than 100m new locations each day across the world’s largest opt-in location panel to directly measure offline consumer behavior. The scale and fidelity of locations measured, combined with programmatic reporting sets Placed Attribution as the standard for mobile attribution.

“Location analytics opens up a completely new world for mobile marketing,” said Jeff Lanctot, most recently CMO at Razorfish.  “Understanding consumer behavior both on mobile devices and in store is a big leap forward. Placed Attribution brings analytical rigor to understanding how these behaviors work together.”

Attribution Metrics
Placed Attribution’s programmatic approach to measurement enables advertisers and agencies to establish a set of metrics that reveal the true value of mobile advertising. By expanding conversions beyond the device, Placed Attribution increases the measurability and accountability of mobile advertising.

Placed Attribution reports are designed to provide a consistent set of metrics that quantify the impact of mobile on in-store activities:

       Store Visits:  In-store visits attributed to mobile advertising.
       Lift – Standard:  Impact of audience targeting and ad exposure in driving in-store visits as compared to the baseline population.
       Audience Features:  Demographic and geographic characteristics of audiences exposed to impressions, and those who went in-store.

Launch Partner
Placed also announced xAd, the leading mobile-location based advertising platform, as its launch partner for Placed Attribution. This partnership enables xAd to incorporate offline attribution reports into campaigns, helping clients seamlessly close the loop from impression to store visit.  Placed Attribution is available immediately for current xAd clients.

“This partnership gives our clients first access to powerful campaign metrics with Placed Attribution, helping customers close the gap between mobile investment and offline conversions,” said Dipanshu Sharma, CEO for xAd. “Placed Attribution is an incredibly valuable solution for any advertiser with a physical world presence that is looking to capitalize on the rapid growth of mobile-engaged consumers.”

“xAd’s ability to deliver location at scale combined with Placed Attribution delivers  a solution where conversions aren’t limited to the device, but extend into the physical world,” said David Shim.

Get Started with Placed Attribution
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About Placed, Inc.
Placed is the leader in location-driven insights and mobile ad intelligence. Measuring billions of locations across the world’s largest opt-in mobile location panel, Placed provides the most complete understanding of consumers’ offline behaviors.
Connecting the physical and digital worlds, Placed gives brands, agencies, publishers and ad networks the ability to target location at scale, measure the offline impact of mobile ads, and deliver actionable insights into consumer behavior. Founded in January 2011, Placed is headquartered in Seattle and is backed by Madrona Venture Group. For more information about Placed and its location solutions, please visit: