Integral Ad Science Launches Industry’s First and Only Real-Time Fraud Prevention Technology

Both Buy and Sell Side Are Now Able to Eliminate the Industry Average 20 Percent Fraud Rate Across Display, Video and Mobile Ad Campaigns

NEW YORK, NY – Integral Ad Science, the leading global provider of actionable advertising intelligence for buyers and sellers of digital media, announced today the release of real-time fraud prevention for digital advertisers and publishers. Fraud, specifically botnet or non-human traffic, is a top concern for digital marketers as their advertising budgets are wasted when served to non-human impressions. This solution provides the industry’s first and only actionable technology that leverages in-stream signals to detect fraud and eliminate it in real time, before an ad is delivered or sold, which ensures that advertisers only pay for ads served to humans. This technology works across multiple platforms and around the globe, and it is now available to Integral’s clients, including over 70 of Ad Age’s 100 leading national advertisers.

In its Q1-Q2 2013 Semiannual Review, Integral Ad Science reveals that 20 percent of display ad impressions purchased through exchanges are suspicious of being fraudulent. The problem is notably worse across video advertising. While only three percent of pre-roll ad impressions are suspicious, the majority of fraudulent activity on video ads is seen across in-banner video ads, where up to 40 percent of impressions are suspicious.

The new solution is designed to specifically improve upon and solve the challenges and limitations of the industry’s current solution set, such as log-level reports, white lists and black lists that are reactionary, and limit scale. The technology detects non-human traffic, and then enables both advertisers and publishers to proactively and automatically block fraudulent activity from taking place at the time of ad delivery, safeguarding display, mobile and video inventory and avoiding advertising budget waste.

Integral Ad Science is able to prevent fraud in two ways through its proprietary firewall technology. For sellers, the platform discovers fraud patterns in large volumes of historical browser and IP data and detects these patterns in real time screening for all ad impressions before they go to auction, preventing sellers from exposing fraudulent inventory to buyers. Because this occurs on an impression level in real time, sellers can “surgically” remove fraudulent impressions on sites rather than having to eliminate entire websites by adding them to black lists derived from sites’ average fraud rate. For buyers, the same technology allows brands to prevent their ads from showing on fraudulent inventory. If fraud is detected, the ad will not be served, ensuring that buyers’ advertising campaigns are served to humans and therefore effective.

“We are thrilled to offer the industry’s only real-time fraud prevention technology for both the buy and sell side,” said Scott Knoll, CEO of Integral Ad Science. “Online fraud is getting more and more sophisticated, and our mission is to stay one step ahead of the game and keep the advertising industry honest and safe. The real-time component is essential because the bad guys are aware of basic tactics, like white lists and black lists, and are too dynamic and savvy to get caught in this trap. The only true way to prevent fraud is to take action in real time a thousandth of a second prior to the delivery of an ad, evaluating each and every impression.”

Walter Knapp, chief operating officer of Federated Media, commented, “In order for us to successfully address the negative consequences of non-human traffic we need to truly understand its sources. Leveraging real-time technology to detect those sources is a positive step in the right direction, and we are thrilled to be among the first to benefit from Integral’s latest technology.”

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