Launch of WebSpectator Pioneers New Digital Advertising Metric Based on Time

 New “Guaranteed to See” Metric Means a Better Return for Publishers and Advertisers

SANTA MONICA, CA – WebSpectator (, the world’s only real-time advertising exchange that measures actual “Time Spent” viewing, launched at ad:tech New York to empower digital advertisers and publishers to quantify engagement across multiple media channels with its new “Guaranteed to See” metric. As the only solution that tracks the effective time audiences spend looking at an ad (up to the millisecond), WebSpectator is able to quadruple the ROI for publishers by optimizing their advertising inventory with TV-type programmatic impressions. The result is, on average, a 10x spike in click-through rates for digital advertisements.

“Now advertisers don’t need to worry about above or below the fold placements. Instead, they can focus on generating guaranteed exposure,” says WebSpectator CEO, Andre Parreira. “Using time as a metric, WebSpectator has pioneered a way to make the traditional digital advertising model work more efficiently for the real-time Web. Also, publishers can max out their inventory by serving more than one ad while the viewer is looking at the page. At the same time, advertisers can pay for what they are actually getting based on the time users are spending with their ads.”

By adding a single line of code to each ad, WebSpectator’s new GTS metric measures time spent using Nielsen’s 20 seconds of (certified) advertising exposure as a benchmark. GTS is currently under review by the Media Ratings Council (MRC) to enhance existing industry standards for measuring digital advertising impressions, a central metric for advertising success.

WebSpectator’s ad technology was featured as a “Cool Vendor” for Media in Gartner’s Cool Vendors 2012 report. The analysis carried out by Andrew C. Frank, Jennifer Beck and David Mitchell Smith said that “the software has the potential to revolutionize the way display advertising is bought, sold, and managed on the web” by allowing ads “to be selectively replaced at any time, allowing space to be sold and optimized based on exposure time and what information is available about a given consumer or consumers.”

“Advertisers covet efficiency,” says Parreira, “and if offered, they will happily pay for effectively viewed impressions. That’s why we’re making it easy for advertisers and publishers to deploy ‘Time Spent’ viewability metrics and insights, which offer far better ROI for advertisers and drive revenues for publishers.”

WebSpectator is compatible with all industry standards and platform apps. If you would like to learn more about the company, please visit

About WebSpectator:

WebSpectator is the world’s only digital advertising exchange network that measures in real-time the actual time spent viewing ads, videos and/or any media component. The company’s new industry metric, Guarantee to See (GTS), is available through the company’s free analytics tool that helps publishers improve revenues and advertisers achieve better engagement and ROI with new metrics, analytics and business insights for ad exposure time, facetime and viewability. WebSpectator technology was named a “Cool Vendor” for Media in Gartner’s Cool Vendors 2012 report.