YuMe Enhances First Party Data-Driven Approach to Targeting, Measuring Both Audience Receptivity and Attentiveness

Launches “next generation” Audience-Aware SDK™, Audience Insights & enhanced Audience Amplifier

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – YuMe, Inc. (NYSE:YUME), a leading provider of digital video brand advertising solutions, launches a comprehensive approach to better target brand receptive audiences – going beyond simple reach and frequency, by adding a measure of attentiveness. This approach enables brands to reach their desired consumers and publishers to realize the full value of their audience. YuMe’s first-party audience data captures voluntary demographic and psychographic information including likes and dislikes – gauging receptivity. YuMe then captures first-party data to measure post-campaign brand effectiveness, or what the audience recalls about the advertising – gauging attentiveness. This distinctive combination of information capture yields an unparalleled set of data which YuMe uses to deliver the most receptive and attentive audiences possible in digital video brand advertising today.

How is the data collected?

This method of first-party data collection is made possible by a “next-generation” version of YuMe‘s Audience-Aware SDK – a software platform that transcends cookies and runs across all connected screens. The SDK enables publishers to run surveys within a video player to capture first-party data. These surveys ask questions that characterize the demographics and interests of a publisher’s audience. This data, in addition to user behavioral data gathered by the SDK, is the foundation for YuMe Audience Insights, a new product that empowers publishers to further pinpoint their audiences and better monetize their inventory.

How is the data processed?

Data collection is only the first part of the solution. YuMe’s enhanced Audience Amplifier technology is able to combine this first-party survey data with numerous additional data points from the SDK and apply data science software to create distinct audience segments. These segments reveal patterns of likeness within audiences not possible with traditional digital targeting techniques.

“Just as we process patterns based on past experiences as we interact with people, YuMe’s data science technology looks for ‘digital patterns’ that help cluster and better understand similar people and behaviors,” said Jayant Kadambi, Co-Founder & CEO, YuMe. “The best branding works when the target is receptive to the campaign message, which is determined by first-party demographic and interest data collected from the SDK. They also need to be attentive and our post-campaign brand effectiveness surveys measure those attention levels.”

How do publishers benefit?

YuMe Audience Insights give publishers and app developers access to the most accurate picture of their individual audience’s demographics and interests. By opening up inventory to be part of YuMe’s audience segments, publishers and app developers have the potential to receive increased and consistent monetization in-line with reach and improved frequency across screens. YuMe enables publishers to participate in TV-scale buys that they would not normally partake in without the additional insights and audience characterizations that the Audience-Aware SDK provides.

“Our users are as diverse as our content catalog of music videos, news, and original shows,” said Rob Campanell, Co-Founder & President of Blastro Networks. “With YuMe’s embedded Audience-Aware SDK we are looking forward to insights that can help us improve both our content programming and the ad experience for our viewers as well as monetization for us.”

How do advertisers benefit?

Brand advertisers are now able to see and reach their audience first-hand, not just as data providers define and deliver them. With YuMe’s first-party data, advertisers can understand which of their ads are actually being paid attention to. Measuring audience attention levels is hugely important with the rapid changes in consumer behavior driving industry-wide fragmentation. In the past, measuring frequency alone sufficed; the truth is that consumer’s attention to TV is decreasing, forcing advertisers to work harder across other screens to get their ads seen and most importantly, remembered. YuMe’s technology not only solves for reaching attentive consumers, but audience segments allow advertisers to move beyond the limitations of traditional cookie-based targeting. First-party, data-driven, segment-based targeting ensures video ads are placed where audiences are most receptive, thus driving the best brand results.

Learn more about YuMe’s Audience-Aware SDK, Audience Insights & enhanced Audience Amplifier, at: http://www.yume.com/technology. Watch a video explaining YuMe’s products and methodology, at: http://www.yume.com/YuMe_Science/

About YuMe

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