Trueffect’s Trupath Audience Based Measurement Provides Advertisers a User Centric View into their Display Advertising Performance Metrics

Trupath removes ad performance volatility resulting from the use of multiple browsers, cookie blocking, deletion and more

Westminster, CO  – Trueffect , the leading First-Party Media and Measurement Platform for large performance advertisers  today announced Trupath®,  a new standard for audience based measurement providing a consolidated customer view of advertiser performance data.

This patent-pending solution is built upon Trueffect’s patented First-Party display advertising platform.

Through persistency of the First-Party cookie and supercharging proprietary algorithms for attribution, Trupath provides visibility into metrics from an audience perspective to develop a more accurate and actionable view into critical media measurement including reach, frequency, site overlap and attributable sales. With Trupath, advertisers can more intelligently optimize their campaigns as well as more effectively measure how publishers (and all types of digital media) are performing and reallocate budgets and media spend more efficiently to improve media investments.

The industry is challenged by traditional performance metrics as a result of standard use-cases which affect measurement and attribution including:

  •          The use of multiple browsers and devices to access the Internet
  •          Users accessing brands via both web sites as well as apps
  •          Select major web browsers as well as IOS (iPhone and iPads) not accepting third-party cookies
  •          Security programs deleting third-party cookies on average every seven days

“The inaccuracy of current measurement models is an alarming industry trend and more specifically, extremely problematic for digital marketers,” said Thatcher Clay, Vice President of Data Research for Trueffect.  “In a market where the growth of the industry is evaluated on effective measurement of both campaign and performance, the introduction of Trupath provides advertisers and agencies improved confidence in where to most effectively invest their media dollars.”

The Trupath Audience Based Measurement Suite includes:

1.      Campaign Performance and Enhanced Measurement – including reach, frequency of delivery, media overlap to combat the continuing volatility in display advertising attribution and measurement.

2.      Performance Analysis – Accurately measuring attributable sales across platforms, devices, and operating systems.

3.      Publisher Management – Recommends allocations of spend across networks and publishers based on discovered media efficiencies and programmatic media.

Trupath also includes a data feed and can be seamlessly integrated with attribution tools including market leading attribution provider, Visual IQ.

“With the changes taking place in display advertising and third-party cookies, marketers’ business requirements must now include additional visibility into performance metrics and, more specifically, cross channel media measurement,” said Manu Mathew, co-founder and CEO, Visual IQ. “Through the integration of Trupath into our IQ Intelligence Suite and the advantages provided by first-party cookie persistency and algorithms, we’re able to deliver more accurate measurement and a greater audience-based view of performance across a brand’s entire marketing ecosystem.”


Trupath is now available. Visit learn more or speak with a Trueffect representative – 877.878.2383.

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