Tremor Video Rolls out Largest Suite of Guaranteed Performance-Based Pricing Models for in-Stream Video

Building Upon Success of Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE), Adds 3 New Performance-Based Solutions for Brand Advertisers

NEW YORK – Tremor Video, Inc. (NYSE:TRMR), a leading provider of technology-driven video advertising solutions, announced it has introduced a host of new performance-based pricing models for marketers looking to minimize waste and increase the return on investment of their in-stream video ad campaigns. These pricing models directly match buying guarantees to brand marketers’ goals from awareness at the top of the marketing funnel to brand metrics like engagement, perception, favorability and intent in the middle of the marketing funnel. When buying on any of the “cost-per” performance-based pricing models, advertisers only pay when a consumer’s action precisely meets their pre-determined objective. Tremor Video’s suite of performance-based pricing models aims to meet marketers’ full range of brand objectives and the ultimate goal of making TV and online video work together seamlessly with better accountability and insight into the role each plays.

“Pricing models based on metrics like measurable brand lift and engagement help marketers make better investment decisions and build new paradigms for a new media landscape. We look forward to continually exploring means to buy what we want.”

“Until now, media buying currency has been a lowest common denominator and loose proxy for what brand marketers ultimately need to achieve. We are now at a pivotal moment where sophisticated technology and a digitally fueled world enable much more precise matching of buying currency to brand objective,” said Lauren Wiener, President of Global Sales and Marketing at Tremor Video. “This new suite of performance-based pricing models invites advertisers to now pay for what they really want, effectively eliminating the waste inherent in previous options. We’re proud to say to the market, ‘pay us only when your ad campaign works’, as defined by what ‘working’ means to them.”

The media landscape continues to shift and marketers are racing to determine the best ways to impact consumers with the power of sight, sound, motion and interactivity across all screens,” said Brian King, Global Brand Officer of Marriott International. “Pricing models based on metrics like measurable brand lift and engagement help marketers make better investment decisions and build new paradigms for a new media landscape. We look forward to continually exploring means to buy what we want.”

The CPM pricing model, where advertisers pay based on number of impressions served, only guarantees that an ad campaign had the chance to be seen. Nothing about a CPM guarantee signals whether an ad was viewable on the screen, ran in its entirety or had any impact the consumer. While buying video on a CPM basis is sometimes appropriate for a brand seeking fast, scaled reach with the acceptance of some waste, performance-pricing models guarantee more precise measures of campaign success. Tremor Video’s suite of buying options make it easy for TV buyers to enter the digital world confidently with guaranteed metrics around awareness, such as full viewability and full completion, while also offering buyers a way to purchase guaranteed impact on brand health metrics such as engagement, consideration, perception and intent.

The full suite of pricing guarantees now includes:


  • Cost-Per-100% Viewable & 100% Complete (CPV&C): Advertisers pay only when their ad is 100% viewable and 100% completed. This is validated by VideoHub®, the first video ad technology to be accredited by the MRC for video ad viewability. This more sophisticated pricing model, which takes viewability on screen into account is the successor to the more basic CPVC (Cost-Per-View-Complete) which only measures completion of the video ad regardless of whether the video player is on-screen.


  • Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE): Available since 2010; Advertisers only pay when a person engages with a video ad and enters an interactive experience.
  • Cost-Per-Brand Shift (CPS): Advertisers pay only when a consumer’s intent/favorability for a brand is positively shifted.
  • Cost-Per-Conquest (CPQ): Advertisers pay only when a consumer’s intent for a brand has been shifted from the competitive set.

Tremor Video was an early pioneer of performance-based pricing for in-stream video, bringing CPE to online video in 2010 and then launching it in mobile video in 2012. Tremor Video’s focus on brand-centric video technology and unique approach to exclusively partnering with premium content sites well-positions the company to be the long-term leader in performance-based pricing models for online and mobile video mapped to brand metrics.

About Tremor Video, Inc.

Tremor Video, Inc. is a leading provider of technology-driven video advertising solutions enabling brand advertisers to engage consumers across multiple internet-connected devices including computers, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs. Our clients include some of the largest brand advertisers and agencies in the world. These relationships have helped us create a robust online video ecosystem that includes close to 500 premium websites and mobile applications, nearly 200 of which partner with us on an exclusive basis. Our proprietary technology, VideoHub, analyzes in-stream video content, detects viewer and system attributes, and leverages our large repository of stored data to optimize video ad campaigns for brand-centric metrics. Through our VHA enterprise solution, VideoHub also provides advertisers and agencies with advanced analytics and measurement tools enabling them to understand why, when and where viewers engage with their video ads.

Tremor Video is based in New York and has offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, with international offices in London, Singapore, and Toronto. For more information, visit and find Tremor Video on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.