BannerPlay Launches Advertising Ad-Apps for E-Commerce Platforms, Online Market Places and Directory Sites

ad:tech New York 2013

BINYAMINA, Israel – BannerPlay, a leading provider of advertising technologies for small and medium businesses, presents its new advertising ad-apps. These innovative apps give E-commerce sites, directory web sites and on-line marketplaces the option of offering their users to promote their listings using banner advertising and self-promotion.

BannerPlay ad-apps enable marketplaces to create a whole new revenue stream from users who wish to promote their businesses. By letting their sellers or small business owners advertise quickly and easily, marketplaces can receive a revenue share of the campaigns earnings while increasing their own platform’s traffic and brand name.

The advertising ad-apps can either be offered as a part of an existing app market, or can be an external landing page which marketplaces can direct users to. The app itself is a 1- click campaign creator that pulls all the necessary data from the platform, in order to give the small advertiser a set of professional banners, well targeted, and ready to launch co branded with the web sites’ look and feel.

“BannerPlay is focused on bringing display advertising closer to small and medium businesses. Cooperation with online marketplaces and index sites allows us to get a step closer to the small businesses who want to promote themselves using intuitive and automated tools while creating a new revenue model for the web sites,” says BannerPlay founder and CEO, Rafi Ton. “Up until now small retailers and merchants who exist in huge marketplaces and E-commerce platforms have had no simple option to promote their products, services or business listing. As such, end users either spend their money on external options such as social media, or don’t advertise at all. BannerPlay’s new ad-apps are enabling Marketplaces to retain and increase their user’s income by offering them an effective advertising solution.”

About BannerPlay
BannerPlay is an end-to-end display advertising service focused on effective advertising technologies for small and medium size businesses. The BannerPlay service gives advertisers a chance to build and control an entire campaign with any budget they have giving SMBs a chance to stand out and shine in the crowded world of online advertising.

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