Demandbase Launches First Retargeting Solution Built for B2B Advertisers

Business Marketers Can Now Re-Engage Companies Demonstrating Buying Intent with Retargeted Display Ads

SAN FRANCISCO – Demandbase, Inc., the targeting and personalization platform for B2B, launched B2B Retargeting, extending the capabilities of the existing Company-Targeted Advertising solution. With the new offering, Demandbase customers can optimize advertising spend and maximize ROI by targeting only companies demonstrating real buying intent. The automated retargeting technology triggers real-time action based on website activity and ensures advertisers deliver the right messages to companies likely to become customers.

“As B2B marketers, we’re only truly effective if we can consistently engage with the multiple decision makers who are involved in a B2B sale”

Unlike existing site retargeting solutions that were designed for B2C companies and deliver ads to anonymous individuals, Demandbase’s solution focuses on the way B2B buys and sells. Rather than retargeting all website visitors, Demandbase identifies companies in real-time, listens to buying signals based on advertiser-defined filters, then targets impressions to the companies when they are showing clear buying intent on a corporate website. These buying signals clearly align with the complex B2B buying cycle, which involves multiple stakeholders researching and evaluating products and services on websites, long before they make themselves known. It gives advertisers the capability to listen, capture and take action on the otherwise undetected signals of buying intent from target accounts, preventing the waste of valuable time and money.

“So many B2B advertisers are using retargeting technology built for consumers and sinking hundreds of thousands of dollars into campaigns that will never deliver the leads the sales team wants,” said Chris Golec, founder and CEO, Demandbase. “Ad retargeting has long been a successful consumer marketing strategy, but has not yet produced results for business campaigns. B2B marketers have been limited by the constraints of a consumer-centric model where an individual makes the decision to buy. By using a solution specifically tailored to the B2B buying process, we’re giving businesses the opportunity to influence multiple people involved in a corporate purchasing decision, at the specific target companies most likely to buy. Finally, B2B marketers can use retargeting to drive deeper engagement and impact revenue.”

Demandbase’s B2B Retargeting takes advantage of the proprietary identification of companies, and then programmatically retargets and serves ads to the right ones, based on the advertiser’s criteria for relevance and readiness to buy. These filters inform buying signals and ensure that every ad campaign is integrated with broader marketing strategy and sales goals. By automatically optimizing and maximizing targeting to reach the most important companies, advertising investment throughout the buying cycle can be clearly tied to revenue.

Innovative marketers like Computer Science Corporation (CSC) and StrongView are using Demandbase B2B Retargeting to capture the attention of those companies indicating significant buying interest, the same ones their sales teams are most interested in engaging with. CSC has increased website engagement with those prospects by over 50% in one campaign.

“As B2B marketers, we’re only truly effective if we can consistently engage with the multiple decision makers who are involved in a B2B sale,” said Nick Payani, director, global brand and digital marketing, CSC, a customer that has been testing Demandbase B2B Retargeting. “Until now, we did not have a cohesive solution that enabled us to consistently communicate with these buyers across the entire buying cycle. With Demandbase, we’re using programmatic retargeting to drive the conversation with our most important accounts during the time they are most likely to buy. Doing so we are exponentially more successful in converting our marketing dollars into sales.”

The B2B Retargeting functionality of Demandbase’s Company-Targeted Advertising is available now. To learn more, visit

About Demandbase
Demandbase is the first targeting and personalization platform for B2B, transforming the effectiveness of marketing programs and marketing’s ability to impact revenue. While personalization tools have long existed for B2C, until now, none were geared specifically to enable B2B marketers to make online interactions more effective, delivering the right message at the right time. Without the use of cookies, Demandbase’s patented identification technology bridges the gap between known and anonymous web visitors by identifying and segmenting the companies visiting a website, and providing detailed, targetable business attributes in real-time. Demandbase integrates with other sales and marketing technologies to deliver unique intelligence about web visitors, and better attract, convert and retain the right customers. Enterprise leaders and high-growth companies alike use Demandbase to drive better marketing performance. For more information, visit