Ebuzzing Combats ‘Banner Blindness’ with Introduction of New Video Native Advertising Platform

Innovative New Contextually Targeted Ad Units Embed into Editorial Content for Better Viewability and User Experience

NEW YORK – Ebuzzing, a leading video advertising platform, introduces its new contextually targeted video advertising formats designed to help overcome the growing industry issue of banner blindness and ad relevancy. To combat these growing issues, which are adversely affecting the online advertising industry, Ebuzzing has introduced ‘Ebuzzing Native,’ a smart video format designed for better ad visibility and user experience.

“Pre-roll has become the de facto form of video advertising, but the reality is the majority of consumers are ignoring pre-roll ads all together”

Using its semantic contextual technology, Ebuzzing helps publishers target the right audience with the right ad in the right context in real-time. This technology automatically detects the topics and keywords mentioned in an article or webpage, then serves up a video ad that is relevant to the editorial.

Forrester Research projects online video revenue will grow to $5.4 billion by 2016, yet publishers and advertisers still struggle to make video advertising work at scale. Comscore’s vCE Benchmarks 2013 study recently found that 54 percent of ads served are not viewable by users, while 60 percent of Internet users couldn’t recall the last display ad they saw. The research also revealed that 80 percent of viewers felt that the last ad they saw were not relevant to them as individuals.

“Pre-roll has become the de facto form of video advertising, but the reality is the majority of consumers are ignoring pre-roll ads all together,” said Bertrand Quesada, COO of Ebuzzing. “Advertising within content has hit the scene and promises to solve problems with viewability, engagement, and recall. For this reason, we developed Ebuzzing Native. By placing video advertising units at the heart of editorial content, our ads are more relevant and viewable, meaning users are actively engaged and interested in the brand message. This not only makes it an advertisers dream, but provides a great user experience, too.”

Ebuzzing Native automatically plays when the user sees the ad unit in full view within editorial, stopping if less than 50 percent of the surface of the format is displayed. The sound in the ad will only play when activated by a mouse over; once the ad has played it will disappear. The maximum length for a native ad is 30 seconds. The ads will be distributed via Ebuzzing’s network.

To view a demo of this new contextually relevant and Ebuzzing Native video ad unit, please visit http://demo.ebz.io/native/index.html

About Ebuzzing

Ebuzzing (www.Ebuzzing.com) are the global experts in video advertising. Ebuzzing creates engaging, high impact video experiences, distributing video ads to audiences through placements within social media, and premium media.

To date, they have distributed thousands of campaigns for the world’s leading brands including Heineken, Acer, LG, Samsung, Evian and Adidas.

Ebuzzing’s global network includes premium publishers such as The Guardian Media Network, CBS Interactive, IBT Media, National Review, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and IGN.

Founded by Bertrand Quesada and Pierre Chappaz in 2007, Ebuzzing now has more than 240 employees with offices in New York, Miami, London and across France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Morocco and Dubai. It’s R&D department employs 50 people, demonstrating the company’s commitment to innovation.

Ebuzzing 2012 revenue was $52 million, up 78 percent from the previous year.