Ads Need to Work Harder to Break Through to Millennials, Says New Study from IPG Media Lab and YuMe

Research on tablet video consumption explores how to reach elusive millennials

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – YuMe, Inc. (NYSE: YUME), a leading provider of digital video brand advertising solutions, and IPG Media Lab unveiled their latest research results on millennial video consumption and behaviors, including data on ad effectiveness among this demographic.

“The results showed that millennials tend to multi-task with other connected devices, a clear opportunity to plan for duplication and exposure timing across devices for ad breakthrough”

While the first phase of the study determined whether the tablet is the ultimate video viewing device, comparing tablets to TV, mobile, PC and comparing in-browser to in-app, the second phase broke down millennials’ media consumption, multi-tasking habits, and revealed which device is most effective for brand recall and persuasiveness within this influential demographic.

“This study really did exceed our expectations, as it not only proved the power of tablet video consumption, but it dove deeper to showcase actual habits and consumption of millennials,” says Kara Manatt, Vice President of Consumer Research Strategy at IPG Media Lab.

Study Highlights: Millennials and Digital Video

  • Millennials are more heavily distracted while watching video, and therefore, ads have a harder time breaking through
  • When video ads do break-through, there can be a more positive brand impact on millennials compared to other generations
  • Smartphones are the most popular device for millennials to frequently watch web videos
  • Video ads are especially effective among millennials when appearing on smartphones
  • Millennials are more likely to multi-task with other connected devices

The results were presented at the Videonomics Summit and revealed that when it comes to multi-screen video consumption, not all demographics are created equal.

“We were excited to have YuMe and IPG present their latest research around millennials at the Monarch Beach Summit,” says Josh Messinger, President of Videonomics. “200+ senior marketers and media execs welcomed clarity around how to reach this moving target. We are fortunate to have companies like YuMe funding such important industry research.”

“The results showed that millennials tend to multi-task with other connected devices, a clear opportunity to plan for duplication and exposure timing across devices for ad breakthrough,” said Ed Haslam, SVP of Marketing at YuMe.

For additional key findings from YuMe and IPG Media Lab, (including results from phase one of the study – The Tablet as the Ultimate Video Viewing Device) as well as methodology and the full report, please visit: For the Millennials study infographic, visit:

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