ShermansTravel Media Selects Lotame DMP

Leading data management platform fuels ShermansTravel DNA, providing rich insights into target audiences

Lotame, the global leader in unifying data management, announced that ShermansTravel Media, a leading travel media company, selected Lotame as their data management platform (DMP) to power its new audience targeting solution, ShermansTravel DNA.  The new travel advertising offering will leverage Lotame’s feature-rich DMP to identify, build, and deliver consumer audiences with demonstrated segment-specific travel intent – enabling ShermansTravel’s advertisers to maximize reach and frequency while improving targeting accuracy.
“Targeting the most qualified niche audiences is precisely what travel advertisers look for,” said David Steward, CEO & President of ShermansTravel Media.  “With Lotame, we can easily leverage our proprietary data to build and target these highly sought-after audiences in real time as well as provide our advertisers with comprehensive audience insights.”
Powered by Lotame’s DMP, ShermansTravel DNA is able to collect, organize and activate its first-party data to create compelling and qualified travel audience segments for efficient targeting by savvy travel marketers.  The solution employs demand side platform (DSP) technology to quickly reach these audiences online via exchange inventory.
With over 400 million data points captured, analyzed and scored annually, ShermansTravel DNA builds real-time dynamic audiences customized to closely match clients’ business goals.  Lotame’s proprietary algorithms power online campaigns to ensure accurate targeting, in turn, increasing advertising ROI.
“With our DMP solution, ShermansTravel Media ensures they are deriving the most value possible from their data assets,” said Andy Monfried, founder and CEO of Lotame. “The evolving travel industry requires solutions that help manage specific consumer data, and we’re thrilled to be working with ShermansTravel Media to fill that need.”
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