In-Target Audience Optimiser Integrates Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings to Unlock TV Budgets for Australian Video Advertising

Tackles online video advertising industry issues of price, quality and measurement.

Sydney, Australia – announced the Australian launch of the In-Target Audience Optimisation tool, designed to increase the effectiveness of online video advertising. The offering leverages Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings to offer advertisers a GRP metric for online video advertising, comparable to TV.’s In-Target Audience Optimisation is the industry’s first technology to provide advertisers with a layer of data that ensures that they are reaching the right audience with every ad in each campaign. Advertisers do not pay for ads that are not served to their target audience.

In integrating Nielsen OCR, is addressing the key online video advertising industry issues of measurement, the quality of websites on which ads appear, and the high cost of online TV inventory to help the sector become more closely aligned with its linear TV equivalent.

“The key to driving widespread adoption of online video is to ensure that digital can speak a language to which TV buyers can relate,” says Phil Duffield, managing director of Australia.  “Addressing the challenges of measurement, quality and price is therefore an ongoing mission for Resolving these issues will help TV buyers to benefit from the advantages offered by online video advertising as increasing numbers of people watch television on computers, tablets, games consoles and smartphones.”

Unified measurement

One of the first video platforms in Australia to run Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings, allows advertisers to buy online TV media and report on campaigns using Gross Ratings Points (GRP), the traditional TV broadcast audience measurement metric. Advertisers can now evaluate campaigns on a ‘like-for-like’ basis and make informed decisions on how to allocate budgets across multiple channels. Previously online measurement terms such as unique visitors, completion and click-through rates were the only option for digital campaigns, making it difficult to compare them to ones run on TV.

“GRPs, a measure of how many people were reached by an ad campaign and how often, are the ‘primary metric’ used for buying and selling for many advertisers,” explains Paul Fisher, Managing Director, Media, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa at Nielsen. “Using the same metric for online video ads makes it straightforward for TV buyers to relate online to TV, with which they are already familiar. This should encourage more fluid, multi-platform spending by ensuring a clear sight of whether advertisers’ campaigns are reaching the right audience.”

Quality ad placements and effective ad spend

In-Target Optimisation predicts audience composition across any publisher. It enables buyers to specify their desired demographic and instantly forecast the percentage of ads that will be delivered to the target audience, the price they will need to pay (CPM), and an estimate of how often the ad will be seen by the right person. The technology then targets impressions that are expected to index high against Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings

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