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Are Tablets Taking Over? Study Says 55% of Consumers Would Consider Replacing PC With Tablet

Are Tablets Taking Over? Study Says 55% of Consumers Would Consider Replacing PC With Tablet

Adroit Digital Shares Key Insights for Reaching and Engaging Consumers via Tablets

NEW YORK, NY – Adroit Digital today announced the results of a comprehensive study of 1,000 adults from the U.S. and Canada that own both a PC and a tablet. The study provided a snapshot of not only how consumers are using their tablets to interact with digital advertising, but also to which tablet advertiser categories they are most likely to respond. The findings will have a major impact on marketers’ plans for 2014.

Tablets are changing the way content is consumed and subsequently, they are altering the way consumers interact with brands and advertising. To take full advantage of tablets as a channel, brand advertisers will need to refine their messaging for the unique environment and expanded audience reach tablets provide. In addition, advertisers need to discover how consumers want to be engaged while using their tablet as opposed to other devices in today’s multi-screen universe.

Brand advertisers and marketers can glean an understanding as to what resonates with consumers with regard to advertising content, what part of the of day consumers use their tablet the most, and the like. In order take advantage of this changing pattern of media consumption, it is critical that they understand what tablet owners want.

Key findings include:

  • Ads Are More Likely Engaged on Tablets: The majority of respondents, 56 percent, indicated that they are more apt to respond to a tablet ad than an ad on a PC.
  • Tablets Could Take The Place of PCs: Of all respondents, 55 percent would consider replacing their PC with a tablet.
  • Women Consume Tablet Media More: 24 percent of women indicated they spend two hours or more with their tablet every day, compared to 15 percent of men.
  • Tablets Play a Role in Impulse or Unplanned Purchases: 42 percent of all respondents indicated that they are more likely to make such a purchase when using their tablets as opposed to their PCs.
  • Consumers Devote Time to Tablets: 54 percent of respondents said they use their tablets at least an hour per day.

Additional findings:

  • Tablets, Entertain Me: 52 percent use their tablet to watch TV or video instead of their PC.
  • What’s the 411?: 50 percent use their tablets to look up information.
  • Tablet Research: 49 percent of adult consumers use their tablet to research products and services.

Advertisers and marketers need a plan to address these revelations or they will miss valuable opportunities. It is critical to stay relevant to consumers as they continue to change their media habits.

Scott German, general manager of Adroit Digital, said, “We were certainly not surprised by how quickly consumers are integrating tablets into their everyday life. What really opened our eyes was the shift in behavior resulting from this use of tablets for researching, shopping, and viewing content. If brand marketers and advertisers don’t have a plan for tablet messaging, advertising, and commerce, they can risk their brand’s relevance.”

German continued, “We hope this research will shed some light on how and when consumers want to be advertised to on tablets. The industry has never seen such rapid-pace adoption of technology before.”

To download the full report, please visit: marketing.adroitdigital.com/tablet/media.

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