Lotame Launches New Mobile DMP Suite

Lotame, the data management platform (DMP) that helps publishers, marketers and agencies maximize the way they collect, organize, analyze and activate audience data, announced its “Lotame Mobile DMP” suite, a new set of industry-leading solutions to help businesses manage audience data from mobile devices. The comprehensive suite expands on Lotame’s current DMP offering to include several new techniques to monetize mobile inventory and to engage with consumers on mobile platforms using rich audience data.
“Today, businesses implementing a mobile strategy need a complete DMP solution that not only saves time managing user activity on different devices, but also addresses technical limitations of data collection inherent in the mobile environment,” said Andy Monfried, CEO and Founder at Lotame. “Our clients already leverage Lotame’s core DMP strengths to help monetize their mobile data assets. We’re now leaping ahead with a full mobile DMP offering to organize vast amounts of mobile audience data.”
With the Lotame Mobile DMP suite, businesses can now automatically:
  • Collect first-party audience data from all mobile web browsers utilizing Lotame’s unique proprietary data collection capabilities.
  • Organize, analyze and activate first-party data to create compelling and qualified mobile audience segments for efficient targeting by savvy mobile marketers across any mobile device.
  • Activate audience data in native applications across iOS and Android devices with Lotame’s Mobile SDK.
  • Access unique behavioral and demographic audience data from multiple mobile sources through Lotame’s partnership with AdMobius, the industry’s leading mobile third-party data provider.
  • Track performance of mobile campaigns and generate deeper, actionable insights with Lotame Insights, a powerful tool that allows businesses to get smarter about the audiences and behaviors that are driving their KPI’s.
The Lotame Mobile DMP suite is based on Lotame’s unifying DMP, the backbone of data-driven marketing designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive view of their audience data from any source. This includes data not only from mobile web browsers and native apps, but also online website data, behavioral and demographic data, web analytic tools, CRM data sets, point-of-sale data, social, online video and other available offline data sources.
“To reach customers who are increasingly accessing web content via a mobile device, businesses need to leverage new consumption patterns and data from this behavior,” said Eric Hastings, Executive Vice President of Technology at Lotame who recently joined the company from mobile ad platform Millennial Media. “Lotame’s Mobile DMP suite provides the tools that publishers and marketers need to profit from actionable audience data and insights.”
The Lotame Mobile DMP suite is now available. For more information, visit http://www.lotame.com/mobile-data-management-platform.