Pluto TV Selects Tru Optik as Partner to Bolster Direct Sales Efforts; Powering Guaranteed Audience Delivery Across Connected TV Inventory

Pluto TV to leverage Tru Optik’s OTT Data Management Platform and Cross Audience Validation (CAV) services for both direct and programmatic campaigns

Pluto TV, the leading free Internet television service in America, announced today that it has selected Tru Optik, the leading audience intelligence and data-management platform across over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV), to power audience-based advertising and campaign measurement across Pluto’s OTT and CTV inventory.

As part of the deal, Pluto TV is now leveraging precision audience targeting, validation and measurement powered by Tru Optik’s OTT Marketing Cloud, mapped to over 75 million U.S homes.  Pluto TV will not only enable advertisers to reach consumers based on age and gender guarantees, but provide thousands of customized consumer segments available through its direct sales channels. This enables, targeting based on advanced audience characteristics covering every major advertising vertical including demographic, auto, finance, CPG, entertainment, travel and more, and can be combined with an advertisers’ first party data. In addition, direct advertisers will have access to daily CTV/OTT analytics to measure unique household reach and frequency via Tru Optik’s CAV (Cross Screen Audience Validation) solution.

“By leveraging Tru Optik’s household graph, we will provide every brand partner with an unparalleled targeting, measurement and validation offering,” states Rich Calacci, Chief Revenue Officer, Pluto TV. “As the leading ad-supported streaming service, Pluto TV has received unprecedented demand from national advertisers striving to reach cord cutters and cord shavers. As a result of this alliance, our entire viewable inventory has increased in value and effectiveness at reaching specific audiences via data-led direct sales efforts and, at the same time, Tru Optik’s household-level targeting options will seek to reduce duplication and increase yield for all of our programmatic sales channels.”

With Tru Optik’s CAV solution, Pluto TV can provide advertisers with post impression measurement that includes: how many unique households they are reaching; how many times households viewed ads; where the ads are being served or seen, and what percentage of the audience and impressions were in-target.

“Pluto TV is one the largest and fastest growing OTT publishers. We look forward to strengthening their advertising capabilities and leveraging the full power of CTV through the integration of our data DMP and CAV solutions,” said Frans Vermeulen, COO at Tru Optik. “Tru Optik was founded with the belief that OTT and CTV would rapidly proliferate. Given that Pluto TV is also a ‘Connected TV-first’ publisher, our respective solutions are perfectly aligned, and we look forward to powering its advertising business as Pluto captures a significant piece of a market that is set to reach $20.1B by 2020.”

Tru Optik’s audience validation offerings are fully privacy compliant, with all U.S. homes scrubbed against OptOut.TV, a privacy register that allows consumers to opt out of audience-targeted OTT ads across all CTV devices and platforms in their home.