justAd Fixes the Loophole in Drag & Drop Mobile Advertising with the Release of justAd Labs

Bringing Lean Startup Methodology to the Fingertips of Mobile Marketers

Feb 7th, 2014, New York City – justAd, developer of the leading self-service platform for rich-media mobile advertising, announces today the release of justAd Labs – a new upgrade to its justAd Studio product. justAd Labs allows for an expedited release of new features, beginning with a customer’s request and leading to new widgets being offered publicly. justAd Labs will also be showcased during MWC 2014 in Barcelona to customers, press and analysts.

‘After we finished exposing all of the smartphone capabilities via drag & drop interface we saw that from time to time customers requested features that are not available in our UI’, said Yariv Erel, Co-Founder & CEO. ‘‘Allowing customers to add custom code to their mobile ads is available for some time on the platform with a distinct usage pattern, but still requests for more code-free features keeps coming up’.

justAd Labs features are released in what is called “Beta” or “Release Candidate” (RC) form, meaning they are ready for public use, but weren’t fully tested under advanced scenarios. The process of ‘Release Early, Release Often’ is part of justAd’s agile development approach and is also a core component of Lean Startup methodology – which the company adopted early on.

Following Lean Startup methodology, especially embracing continuous innovation, has proven to be quite successful over the last 12 months, with a set of code-free widgets unmatched by any other vendor. ‘Over the course of our product development, we’ve added more than a dozen new widgets to justAd Studio following specific requests from customers’, added Noam Shapira, VP of R&D. ‘Until now, these new widgets were only available to a specific ad campaign and weren’t released publicly. justAd Labs will make new developments available to all customers, allowing them to leverage these widgets to create more engaging mobile ad campaigns, while helping us to strengthen the build-measure-learn process. You can think of justAd Labs as an innovative way to ‘outsource’ market requirements from our customers’.

justAd Studio V1 was released in mid 2012 and has seen a few major version updates since. In its latest iteration, V3.58, justAd Studio includes over 50 different mobile ad widgets, actions and triggers spanning across major ad units, including IAB’s Rising Star and Bespoke ad units. In 2013, 80% of mobile ad campaigns generated on justAd Studio were created fully self-serviced – a testament to the platform’s capability to scale on-demand.

About justAd
Founded in 2009, justAd develops the leading self-service advertising platform that enables advertisers to create highly engaging rich media ads for mobile and tablet devices, without the need for custom coding, server-certification nor testing.

justAd Studio, the company’s ad production platform for the creation of IAB standard and bespoke ad units, is being used by hundreds of advertising professionals around the world – from DSPs, mobile ad networks and full service agencies to SSPs, mobile publishers and web publishers.

Once created, ads are pre-certified with the majority of programmatic and mediated platforms in the world, allowing for a true self-service experience. Create once, traffic everywhere.

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, with a sales office in NYC, justAd serves clients in over 30 countries, generating hundreds of millions of ad impressions a month.