SocialRank Market Intelligence

Today we are announcing a new product from SocialRank called SocialRank Market Intelligence. SocialRank Market Intelligence gives brands the ability to run any handle on Twitter through the SocialRank platform and see that handle’s most engaged, valuable, and best followers.

To give a little sample of what I found from playing with the tool, I ran @ElonMusk‘s report, because why not? Here is a screenshot of his Top 3 MVF’s (Eike Batista – look him upManu Ginobili, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Pretty cool.


This has been the #1 most requested feature by brands using SocialRank. The majority of companies who have requested this tool plan to use it in one of the following ways:

1) Competitive analysis. This is the obvious use case and will be made very easy with SocialRank Market Intelligence. Instead of going to your competitor’s profile page on and sifting through their followers (all public) to then see if that follower engaged with the brand (RT, Fav, @ mention, etc), our platform makes it easy for these brands to have this information in a clean, central location.

2) Recruiting, HR or talent management. If a major magazine publisher is considering two celebrities on the cover of their magazine and are evaluating their reach and fan base, running their SocialRank reports and having another piece of information on the talent is key. In addition, brands might find that their most engaged follower is someone who could even work at the company. You never know…

3) Industry/vertical analysis. Similar to the competitive analysis, SocialRank Market Intelligence can shed insight on themes in your broader industry. For example, let’s say you are a movie studio with an impending release of a horror film. You use SocialRank Market Intelligence to run the top 10 horror entities reports. Then you cross reference these reports to find a group of people to target advertising toward, or do some direct outreach.

Today (along with our funding announcement) we are beginning to allow brands to request early access here.

SocialRank Premium users will jump to the top of the list of companies we let use the Market Intelligence feature. We plan to introduce pricing once the product is ready for general availability.