RapidFire Acquires the In-Game Advertising Technology of IGA Worldwide

RapidFireRapidFire, the #1 in-game advertising network, announced today the acquisition of IGA Worldwide’s proprietary technology for delivering real-time advertisements inside of video games.

IGA Worldwide’s technology, known as the Radial Network™, enables brands and advertisers to reach gamers playing AAA game titles across console, computer, and mobile video games. Advertisements are streamed in real-time inside of a video game’s 3D environment on objects such as billboards, hoardings, buses, and posters – essentially any object where a gamer is likely to see an advert in real life.

As part of the deal, RapidFire will take ownership of the Radial Network™ ad servers and software development kits (SDKs), and will immediately replace the pre-existing RapidFire in-game ad serving technology.

From an advertising standpoint, the Radial Network™ has the following specs and capabilities:

Geo-targeting as precise as to the city level

Frequency capping (controlling ad views per unique player)

Delivering ads to gamers playing offline as long as an initial internet connection is made

Detailed web-based and exported campaign reports

Support for both video and animated ad formats for in-game delivery

“We’re ecstatic about the deal and what it means for RapidFire’s growth,” says Jordan L. Howard, the 23 year old Founder and CEO. “IGA Worldwide was a pioneer in the in-game advertising industry, and spent many years perfecting their ad serving technology. With the Radial Network™ technology we’ll have a much more robust system, and will be able to provide unparalleled service to both our media buying clients and our game developer partners.”

“I am very happy that with Jordan and the RapidFire team, we have found a great successor who has the passion and capacity to bring in-game ads to the next level” says Christian-Alexander Vry, Director at IGA Worldwide Ltd.

About RapidFire

RapidFire is the World’s largest in-game advertising company, founded in the fall of 2011 and is headquartered in Vancouver. The company enables advertisers to target millions of highly engaged consumers playing video games across a wide range of gaming platforms and genres. In addition to offering a dynamic in-game advertising network, RapidFire also leverages its relationships with game developers to offer brands the ability to launch product placement and advergaming campaigns. RapidFire is privately held, and is an active member of IAB Canada and IAB UK.

For more information about RapidFire, please visit: http://www.rapidfire.com