Adslot Signs Advertising Agreement with Microsoft

Adslot Limited (ASX: ADJ), a global provider of premium display media trading technology, today announced it has signed an agreement with Microsoft that allows the company to provide Microsoft online advertising inventory to media buyers using the Adslot Marketplace. The agreement is currently limited to the United States though the two companies plan to extend the relationship to other markets in the future.

“Our agreement grants Adslot direct access to Microsoft inventory, allowing media buyers within the Adslot Marketplace to purchase this inventory directly from Microsoft through an Adslot pipe”, said Adslot CEO, Ian Lowe.

“One of the world’s largest online publishers, the Microsoft agreement is significant in that it will further expand the breadth and volume of inventory available to media buyers within the Adslot Marketplace. And as Microsoft release inventory for geographies beyond the US, our integration with them will allow us to offer this inventory to buyers for each of their local markets. The scale and global reach of Microsoft’s inventory is significant, and compliments our global sales footprint and the ability to trade in multiple currencies on our platform”, said Lowe.

“Microsoft has effectively granted Adslot ‘invitation only’ access to their inventory. Their desire to work with us underlines the value of the more than $1b per annum in agency ad spend executed through Symphony, approaching $2b per annum in the next 12 months. Having just launched a phase one integration of Adslot and Symphony, migrating agency ad spend to our trading toolset is a material opportunity and a real focus for us. Our agreement with Microsoft will definitely help”, said Lowe.

Adslot confirmed the Microsoft integration project would commence in the current (September) quarter, with Microsoft inventory available to media buyers within the Adslot Marketplace platform on completion.

About Adslot
Adslot’s mission is to automate the trading of premium online display advertising. Our leading technology is a purpose built, global media trading platform. Adslot benefits a global community of media buyers and sellers, including media agencies, publishers and advertisers, by providing material trading efficiencies made possible only via technology, and by doing so the basis on which the $50B online display industry will realise its full growth potential. Adslot is a global organization with operations in Australia, New Zealand, China, Germany, the US and the UK, and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

About Symphony
Symphony is the world’s leading workflow solution for online display advertising, and is used by media agency groups and agencies in markets including APAC and North America. Symphony was developed by Facilitate Digital, a company acquired by Adslot in December 2013. Adslot recently announced an integration of its Adslot trading platform and Symphony workflow platform to enable the seamless and automated trading of premium, online display advertising between agencies and publishers.