Genesis Media Launches TVGenesis

Attention-Powered Software Helps Publishers Drive Video Engagement and Monetization By Surfacing Video Content

NEW YORK – Genesis Media, creators of the industry’s first attention platform, today announced TVGenesis, a video content discovery solution for publishers. The software surfaces the publishers’ pre-existing video content to drive new viewership and monetization opportunities while capturing 100 percent of consumers’ attention with a full screen, TV-like experience. TVGenesis adds to the user experience by prioritizing trending videos, as well as surfacing videos that are relevant to the content an individual is reading. Through the Genesis Attention Platform (G·A·P), TVGenesis uses behavioral and contextual data to:

  1. Understand and identify opportunities to connect with consumers based on unique attention data collected across a user’s content journey.
  2. Recommend relevant video content to a user at the moment that is most likely to capture their attention using an interactive, non-intrusive content link. Once the user engages, playback begins inside a full-screen player that also queues additional recommended content.
  3. Analyze viewing activity and intelligently build a custom video playlist to keep users engaged. Users can also easily browse through a site’s video library and choose from available content segments, while returning users are invited to view new trending videos or resume watching where they left off previously.

Many publishers invest heavily into producing engaging video content, which often quickly drops from the front page, collecting dust in the archives instead of eyeballs. TVGenesis expands the life of these videos, resurfacing them to increase viewership and brand loyalty, while also driving monetization with new in-stream ad inventory. For advertisers, TVGenesis presents an opportunity to place ads in front of users who are entirely attuned to ultra-targeted video content.

TVGenesis has driven noteworthy results during Alpha testing with several national, top tier publishers.

  • TVGenesis software has run across a total of 5.5 million page views to date during the alpha release.
  • Across those 5.5 million pages, a total of 250,000 videos viewed were watched within the full-screen experience, opening a new pre-roll revenue stream for participating partners.

“As a company focused on attention and data, we are translating our scientific research into ways to help publishers and advertisers best approach consumers without compromising experience,” said Mark Yackanich, CEO of Genesis Media. “We’ve built a superior audience connection product with TVGenesis and are committed to content monetization. Many of our publishers see millions of page views in just one day. This traffic combined with today’s average video CPM’s and TVGenesis means the potential for a substantial increase in advertising revenue for our partners.”

TVGenesis will be generally available in Q1 2015. For more details, please visit

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Publishers, leading national brands and their agencies rely on Genesis Media’s Attention Platform (G·A·P) to intelligently engage audiences across all screens with new, real-time, relevant inventory and innovative ad formats for professionally produced, quality editorial content. The company’s proprietary platform delivers superior audience connection and content monetization of publisher audiences, while reducing their reliance on ineffective conventional ad units. The company is headquartered in New York City with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and Detroit.

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