SoMedia Launches Scalable Video for the Online Advertising Market with Leading Video Ad Platform, Yashi

Partnership allows customers to easily Create, Manage, and Distribute Video Ads to prospects and customers in 14 days.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – SoMedia Networks (TSX-V:VID), the pioneer of scalable video production solutions is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Yashi, an industry leading, location-focused video advertising DSP (Demand Side Platform) to launch Scalable Video for Advertising. The new offering provides integrated video content production & distribution solution that enables marketers to easily order custom video advertising content anywhere in North America, and target delivery to prospects and customers in any volume, at the lowest price points. Advertisers now have an effective and measurable alternative to broadcast and cable network advertising.

“With billions of dollars being spent on online video advertising, marketers and businesses are looking to improve their return on investment and ability to execute advertising initiatives”

Yashi’s DSP analyzes billions of monthly video ad opportunities across tens of thousands of websites in order to optimize the delivery of hyper-targeted video ads. The Yashi Demand Side Platform brings video and advanced geo-targeting together, helping marketers strengthen their digital video advertising campaigns. Companies that use Yashi to serve pre-roll video ad campaigns based on customizable targeting parameters can now enlist SoMedia to produce these ads.

According to eMarketer, video is the fastest growing of any digital ad format around the world, and digital video ad spending is estimated to reach $5.96 billion in 2014.

“With billions of dollars being spent on online video advertising, marketers and businesses are looking to improve their return on investment and ability to execute advertising initiatives,” said Ben Pickering, co-CEO of SoMedia Networks. “The Yashi DSP provides marketers with unique location focused targeting of video ads. By integrating SoMedia’s Scalable Video services into the Yashi offering, marketers now have access to the only video advertising production solution that addresses the traditional challenges of scale, volume and reach, enabling the production and deployment of video in any volume in a highly targeted fashion.”

“Yashi gives advertisers and agencies an easy way to plan, buy and measure video campaigns across tens of thousands of websites with complete control and transparency,” said Jay Gould, CEO of Yashi. “Creating video advertising can be difficult and costly when you have limited production resources. By working with SoMedia, our North American customers are now able to produce high quality video ads in only 14 days, giving them a competitive edge from our dynamic Demand Side Platform.”

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About Yashi

Yashi is a privately held location-focused video advertising platform that analyzes tens of billions of video ad opportunities each month for thousands of websites. The company is a three time Inc. 5000 award recipient. To learn more about Yashi, please visit:

About SoMedia Networks

SoMedia Networks, the creator of Scalable Video, has reengineered how businesses access video content creation, production and deployment. The cloud-based SoMedia Platform allows businesses, brands and media to easily order the production of custom video content at scale and volume, anywhere, on demand, with rapid turnaround, and at a fraction of current costs.

SoMedia provides Scalable Video as an integrated solution to corporate partners, as a resale solution through thousands of web marketing firms and directly to digital agencies and millions of SMBs across North America. To learn more visit: