Gbox and Adstream Join Forces to Build Largest TV Delivery Network in Middle East and North Africa

Adstream will deliver a best in class service offering to Brands, Agencies and Production/Post Product Companies within the region and to the rest of the world

Gbox, the market leading TV delivery network in the Middle east, and Adstream, a global provider of digital advertising distribution solutions and asset management tools, announced today that together they will combine their business in the Middle East. The combined business will provide advertisers a fast, efficient and reliable method for managing and distributing advertising assets within the region and internationally as well as, the local knowledge and expertise that is required by customer for the region.

Between them GBox and Adstream deliver over two million assets per year to more than 116 countries, storing all assets in the company’s Adbank utility. The joint relationship is a commitment by Adstream to supporting the largest global delivery network with a strong local office network. Adstream is currently the only company that provides direct distribution to the USA, LATAM, EMEA, ASIA, and ANZ. Now with GBox it will also further increase the existing offering for the Middle east.

“Since our launch, we have strived to be on the forefront of ad distribution technology.  While we have grown substantially over the last decade, this relationship will give us the opportunity to provide increased value to customers through our global footprint,” stated Gerry Sutton, CEO of Adstream.

“Joining forces with Adstream in the Middle east and North Africa is an exciting step forward for Gbox as it will allow us to provide our customers with additional services including Adstream’s world leading delivery network and asset management platform” , added Antal Pal, Managing Partner at GBox.

About Gbox

Gbox is the leading TV delivery company for the middle east and north Africa, founded in 2012 Gbox has quickly become the market leader in the region offering fast digital delivery for all countries in the region. Based in Dubai and offering 24/7 operation, automatic quality control, delivery notification, and multiple format support Gbox is focused on providing Value to Brands, Agencies and Post houses in the UAE and wider middle east region.

About Adstream

Adstream is a premiere technology solution provider to the global advertising industry. The Adstream platform is a simple, easy-to-use platform to manage ad content, brought to you by the world’s only consolidated cross-media global distribution network.  The greatest brands, agencies, production, and post-production houses trust Adstream with managing their creative content.. Founded in 2001, Adstream partners with over 75% of the top 100 global brands, agencies, production and postproduction houses. Delivering over two million assets each year and securely storing over 26 million assets for our clients.  Headquartered in London, UK, and with over 500 staff spread over 42 regional offices in 29 countries, Adstream delivers global services with a truly local focus.