New wywy Study Finds Lack of Integration across TV, Online and Mobile Ad Buys Signals Missed Purchasing Opportunities

NEW YORK – The majority of brands using TV advertising don’t appropriately showcase the advertised product on their homepages potentially losing customer leads, according to recent research conducted by wywy, a cross-screen advertising and real time TV-ad tracking company.

For 100 different U.S. TV advertisers studied during September 2014, only one in five (20%) showed a clearly visible product on the homepage of its website, with only 17% prominently displaying the product on the mobile version of its homepage.

“The holiday shopping season is approaching and many marketers will be increasing TV media buys. Nearly half of viewers turn to second screen devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) during commercial breaks1 and are only one click away from a product’s homepage. TV viewers who come to the product’s doorstep are shopping for more information, but many advertisers simply don’t provide the seamless experience that could lead to increased sales opportunities,” said Dr. Andreas Schroeter, wywy’s co-founder and COO.

The study also found that among the TV advertisers:

  • Forty percent didn’t show the product on the advertiser’s homepage
  • Only one out of four (25%) displayed the product using a slide show on its homepage
  • Fifteen percent showed the product with compromised visibility (in a small space or lower on the display causing a need to scroll)

In regards to accessing through a mobile device, among the TV advertisers:

  • Fifty-five percent neglected to show the product on the mobile version of its homepage
  • Twenty-one percent partially displayed the product using a slide show
  • Seven percent showed the product with compromised visibility (in a small space or lower on the mobile device display causing a need to scroll)

“Our research shows that 80% of TV-inspired visits happen within 90 seconds of the TV ad airing,” continued Schroeter. “On average, users will take only eight seconds to decide whether to stay on a website or not. Marketers are spending millions on TV ads only to potentially lose interested TV viewers when they use their companion second screen device to purchase or seek more information and can’t find the advertised product. Prominently displaying the advertised product on second screen device homepages increases conversion rates two to five times and is vital to getting the most out of a TV media buy.”

About the study

wywy studied 100 different TV advertisers across all industries from commercial spots broadcast in September 2014. The wywy research team checked advertisers’ homepages for the product seen in the TV commercial on desktop computers and on mobile devices.

About wywy

wywy ( helps advertisers extend their TV advertising campaigns across screens and analyze the online impact of their TV buy. The company offers synchronization of TV and online advertising to reach viewers on their second screen devices and increase ad awareness. With wywy’s real-time ad tracking tools, advertisers can compare what TV creative execution, network and daypart works best to optimize media plans.

1 Nielsen Q1 2013 Cross-Platform Report