Amobee Launches Advanced Video Viewability and Brand Safety Technology

Digital video advertisers can now optimize campaigns based on pre-serve and post-serve data for maximum video viewability and brand safety assurance

FOSTER CITY, CA – Amobee, the company defining digital marketing, today announced the launch of its proprietary, new video viewability and brand safety technology (VVBS) that will allow Amobee to determine if an ad would be viewable prior to serving the ad, resulting in greater efficiency and brand safety. This latest enhancement to the cross channel Amobee DSP leverages first party, pre-serve and post-serve data to decide if a video ad meets with standards established by the Media Rating Council (MRC).

Amobee’s new technology guarantees that an advertiser will only pay for impressions if at least 50 percent of the video ad is visible on a consumer’s screen for two consecutive seconds or more, without relying on third party data. Amobee’s VVBS technology determines prior to serving an ad if the video player is iframed among other key indicators to give advertisers even more power to protect their brands from fraudulent inventory to ensure brand safety and viewability.

Amobee DSP is the smartest way to buy media across all channels. With sophisticated data-driven machine learning algorithms and granular campaign management capabilities, the Amobee platform delivers maximum performance against advertiser goals encompassing both viewability and brand safety.

“Some of the biggest challenges digital marketers face today is non-viewable impressions and ad fraud which are prohibiting scale for digital video,” said Gil Sheinfeld, Amobee’s Chief Technology Officer. “Through Amobee DSP we are able to solve one of the industry’s biggest obstacles in reducing the amount of wasted impressions while protecting our advertisers and aligning them with the highest quality of brand safe video inventory.”

“Amobee uniquely helps advertisers be proactive about their media buy,” said Robin Zieme, VP of Video at Amobee. “This level of transparency will give digital video the same level of quality control and frequency management that is currently expected with television media, known as Opportunity To See, and we expect to see more growth in digital video with our VVBS technology.”

Amobee VVBS technology is now available to advertisers in North America on a viewable CPM basis.

About Amobee
Amobee is the company defining digital marketing. The company offers marketers, agencies, publishers and operators an innovative digital marketing technology platform and solutions. The Amobee platform enables its customers to run data-driven, targeted, cross channel digital marketing campaigns with unparalleled ROI on a global scale. Amobee is a division of SingTel’s Digital L!fe Group, which is focused on creating new digital growth engines to delight customers and disrupt adjacent industries. Amobee operates across North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

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