KissMyAds Partners with Billoid for HasOffers to Optimize International Billing Process

  • Customized and efficient invoicing leads to 87.5 percent time savings

  • Credit notes and invoices automatically compliant with international regulations

  • KissMyAds receives 15 percent more timely payments

Cologne – Mobile performance marketing network KissMyAds has drawn a highly positive conclusion after exclusively partnering in a beta test with Billoid, a new comprehensive billing solution from Germany. Combining the affiliate tracking software provided by HasOffers by TUNE and the new solution specifically programmed for this platform by Billoid, KissMyAds has achieved 87.5 percent time savings using bulk billing generation. “We have found that Billoid is very easy to customize and saves a great deal of time,” says Florian Lehwald, Founder and President of KissMyAds, also based in Germany.

Billoid helps KissMyAds overcome a big challenge—billing scalability. KissMyAds has grown internationally at an extremely fast pace, which made it hard to keep up with the increasing amount of invoices and credit notes that needed to be sent out each day. The team must also consider the various tax requirements depending on the company type and country of advertisers and affiliates for billing purposes. Bianca Kittel, Accounting Assistant at KissMyAds, says, “The process of pulling reports for advertisers and publishers, as well as writing manual invoices and credit notes for each one, was extremely tedious and time consuming.”

In order to optimize this process, KissMyAds chose a solution that had been developed specifically for its tracking platform, HasOffers. This solution, Billoid, allows KissMyAds to create advertiser invoices and affiliate credit notes that are compliant with the applicable regulations. Billoid allows for custom payment conditions per account and can be seamlessly integrated with accounting tools and payment providers.

With the combination of HasOffers and Billoid, KissMyAds was able to streamline the billing process—cutting the time needed for monthly billing from three days to three hours. The results are already reflected in higher customer satisfaction regarding the invoices and credit notes. And, just as important for KissMyAds, the timely payment by advertisers has increased by 15 percent based on easier handling of defaulting payments. Florian Lehwald says: “While HasOffers is a reliable measuring tool for our business, Billoid provides KissMyAds with an excellent complement by taking care of billing.”

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