The Mobile Majority Announces Record-Breaking Revenue and Doubling of Team

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – The Mobile Majority, a Santa Monica-based start-up, is excited to officially announce they have surpassed the $50 Million run rate milestone as of November 2014. This puts the company ahead of schedule towards their goal of being a billion dollar mobile marketing company, and towards solving the issues of fragmentation in the industry, offering targeted campaigns all under one roof. Formerly PaeDae, The Mobile Majority has received $19 Million in venture funding to bolster its position as the leading vertically integrated mobile ad platform.

As evidence of the scale at which the company is now operating, The Mobile Majority also shared their single highest grossing day, which generated over $360K in revenue. They also report a single day high of 76,000 events per minute and over 517 million interactive ads served, placing the company on or above the technical scale of many publicly traded marketing tech companies. These results over the life of the company thus far solidify their 3-year growth rate of over 25,000%, reinforcing the value of a vertically integrated platform that is powered by unique first party data.

The company offers an integrated platform, AdSynergy™ which includes AdKit™, a product which builds, serves and reports interactive ads to all mobile platforms. Another tool they offer is AdCast™, The Mobile Majority’s end-to-end mobile demand-side platform (DSP) which helps clients buy real-time mobile ad impressions as well as target, optimize, track data, protect against fraud, and more.

The Mobile Majority’s platform combines technology and tools which used to require 5-15 different vendors to create, serve, and analyze ads. As a result the company has a unique value proposition to offer both better results and more budget allocated to quality, not fees. Concurrent with its official revenue announcement, The Mobile Majority is proud to announce it has opened five new offices across the country, including Chicago and New York, as well as doubling its team to 50 employees.

Rob Emrich, founder of The Mobile Majority, issued this statement about the announcement: “We see the future of mobile advertising owned by integrated technology companies that can ensure quality throughout the dozens of steps necessary to deliver interactive ads at scale across the entire mobile ecosystem. Right now, mobile campaigns are failing because they require far too many vendors, technologies, and fees. With all of our products – both available and upcoming – we’ve created a unified solution that reduces costs and improves results. In a new advertising system driven by real time bidding, its not enough to partner with different vendors; a company must actually marry its own technologies and data into one holistic system to generate results. Our continued rapid growth in this new market is proof that our integrated approach delivers better results for our customers, which has been our ultimate goal.”

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About The Mobile Majority: Started in 2011 and led by entrepreneur and six-time founder Rob Emrich, The Mobile Majority is one of the fastest growing companies in the country, with over $19M raised and 50 employees in five cities. They have engineered the first technology platform that integrates creative, media, audience data, targeting, and measurement into one buying tool: the first fully vertically integrated mobile ad platform, AdSynergy™. Winner of such awards as Best of Show at the Mobile Media Summit, Best Series A from the Los Angeles Venture Association, Best Creative Technology from the American Association of Advertising, and Adweek’s Official Selection for Disruptive Business Solution, The Mobile Majority is poised to reshape the mobile advertising landscape.