Cognitive Networks Receives Third U.S. Patent for Real-Time Ad Identification Technology

SAN FRANCISCO – Cognitive Networks, the market-leading provider of real-time services that power Enhanced TV on Smart TVs, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued the company patent number 8,930,980 for its system and methodology for the automated real-time identification of content such as TV advertisements.

“Our latest patent is indicative of our increasing maturity in the production delivery of ACR services at scale”

Cognitive’s Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology includes pattern recognition subsystems that are able to identify and classify video segments including TV ads, public service announcements and other video segments of specific short durations that appear on a regular basis.

“Our latest patent is indicative of our increasing maturity in the production delivery of ACR services at scale,” said Michael Collette, CEO of Cognitive Networks. “This new patent is central to the provision of ACR services on Smart TVs and the generation of useful data. It is the first of our second-generation of patents, which derive from our first-mover advantage in bringing Smart TV ACR to market and the important solutions we’ve developed to address the actual, production operation of ACR in the highly complex TV market.”

Cognitive Networks’ ACR technology facilitates the delivery of an integrated Enhanced TV experience for TV viewers by enabling contextually-related content to be displayed on Smart TVs in synchronization with related television programming. The viewing experience is enriched through more dynamic and engaging viewing capabilities.

About Cognitive Networks

Cognitive Networks is the leading provider of real-time services powered by Automatic Content Recognition technology, enabling the fundamental transformation of the way viewers consume TV while delivering a platform for content producers and TV networks to increase customer engagement, grow their audiences, and increase the value of the TV viewing experience for all audiences.

The company’s ENGAGE™ API allows Smart TVs to launch applications that are intelligently synchronized with live or time-shifted television, enabling ecosystem partners to add Enhanced TV capabilities to broadcast TV displaying on Smart TVs. With Cognitive Networks’ Engage, content providers can now provide consumers with fun, smart things to do while watching TV on their Smart TVs. Visit and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.