True Reach Shows that Facebook Videos Accounted for 25% of Super Bowl Ad Viewership

Data from Shows that YouTube Isn’t the Only Place for Super Bowl Ads

BOSTON – Visible Measures, the leading content advertising company, announced that Facebook videos accounted for 25% of all Super Bowl views1, marking a dramatic shift in Super Bowl internet viewership that for the last five years has been dominated almost solely by YouTube.

“Now marketers can go to to see their content advertising progress across the entire internet in real-time.”

Facebook accounted for 27% of all viewership of the top ten campaigns, where eight of the top ten ran content on Facebook. The top performing campaign of Super Bowl XLVIX, Budweiser’s Lost Dog, garnered an impressive 54% of its viewership (total True Reach of 54.9 million views) from the ads placed on Facebook.

The results of this Super Bowl show a definitive shift in video content advertising and consumer attention around the big game, which has long been dominated online almost solely by YouTube.

For years, brands had relied on the YouTube view counter to judge the measure of their videos’ success because it was the core platform for distributing and watching content. But the recent unveiling of public video data on Facebook has shown definitively that YouTube is not the only platform where brands are posting videos or consumers are watching them.

The company announced in January that people around the world were posting 75% more videos to Facebook than they were a year ago; that number is 94% in the U.S. As a result, the number of videos showing up in users’ News Feeds has increased by 360% compared to last year2.

“We developed our True Reach metric six years ago from the idea that video does not live just in one place and its impact cannot be measured by just one placement. The tremendous growth of Facebook as a video platform, as well as recent moves by Twitter, Tumblr, Vimeo and others, over the last year has only increased marketers’ need for a more comprehensive way to the measure success of their content advertising strategies,” said Visible Measures CEO, Brian Shin. “Now marketers can go to to see their content advertising progress across the entire internet in real-time.”

True Reach, Visible Measures’ MRC accredited viewership metric, is the only metric to track viewership of video content advertising across hundreds of platforms. Renowned as the gold standard of online video viewership measurement and used by Ad Age, The Wall Street Journal, Automotive News, True Reach provides the most reliable way to quantify viewership associated with online videos.

True Reach combines the views of a brand’s original video with related user-uploaded content on hundreds of the web’s most visited video sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and AOL. True Reach includes copies, remixes, mashups, shares, and embeds of a video, and is unique in that it captures the definitive reach of a video in one single metric.

The inclusion of so many video platforms in one metric provides the most complete picture of a video content advertising campaign’s impact, something that has often eluded marketers. Now, a metric like True Reach is more necessary than ever as more platforms provide video solutions and more marketers invest in video campaigns, according to Shin.

“A studio wouldn’t measure a film’s success by the results of one theater chain, but rather would look at performance across all distribution points. True Reach does just that for marketers’ video content. Only True Reach provides comprehensive measurement across all points of consumption, the importance of which has only increased with the rise of Facebook as a video distribution channel and will only continue to increase as other social platforms enhance their video offerings,” said Shin.

Leading brands and advertising agencies are increasingly leaning on True Reach to measure the true impact of their video content advertising efforts. In January, Visible Measures announced the launch of, a public site that lets marketers and consumers track the performance of video content advertising campaigns.

About True Reach

True Reach is the first viewership metric in the industry to be accredited by the Media Rating Council. It is used by leading media outlets such as Ad Age, Auto News, Variety, and The Wall Street Journal, among others, when reporting on the latest videos, branded or not.

About Visible Measures

Visible Measures is the leading content advertising company. Long considered the most trusted source for data and insights on video content advertising, Visible Measures provides an end-to-end solution for capturing consumer attention programmatically through video and native media. Visible Measures works with hundreds of global brands, agencies, trading desks, and publisher clients, which include Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Nestle, VivaKi and Conde Nast. Visit us online at or follow us on Twitter @Visiblemeasures.

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1 Super Bowl views include viewership from all national ads that aired during the game
2 Ad Age, “Facebook’s Latest Stats Show Dramatic Rise in Video Content,”