Ensighten Launches First Integrated App Experience Optimization for Agile Mobile and Native App Marketing

New module uses Ensighten’s No-SDK technology to deliver seamless in-app testing and content swapping within Open Marketing Platform

SAN JOSE, Calif.Ensighten, the leading global omni-channel data and tag management provider and company behind the Open Marketing Platform, today announced App Experience Optimization, a new offering built into Ensighten Mobile to increase marketing agility on mobile and native apps. The new module expands on Ensighten’s No-SDK approach, which offers real-time mobile app tagging without the delay associated with resubmitting to the app store. Marketers can now test and optimize their in-app experiences for consumers on-the-fly and leverage mobile data to personalize customers’ website experiences.

Mobile app development is now outpacing PC development. Along with the proliferation of mobile apps, native apps are rapidly emerging as the enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), which includes devices and wearables. As such, marketers are increasingly challenged with providing an optimized consumer experience within apps and across devices. To address these challenges, App Experience Optimization enables in-app testing, including A/B and multivariate (MVT) testing, and real-time content-swapping capabilities for marketers to quickly and effectively assess which aspects of their native apps (button colors, content, images, etc.) are resonating with their users.

App Experience Optimization is an integrated module within the Ensighten Open Marketing Platform, enabling mobile app data to be standardized and readily accessible to all marketing technology vendors working with a given brand.

“As we look at the way consumer behavior is shifting, it’s clear apps will serve as the basis for much of the consumer activity across devices,” said Ensighten Founder and CEO Josh Manion. “At Ensighten, we are focused on providing marketers with the most robust capabilities to drive one-to-one, omni-channel marketing experiences. App Experience Optimization paves the way for real-time marketing agility in an app-driven world.”

Leading brands using Ensighten Mobile include United Airlines, Getty Images, Hargreaves, RBS (The Royal Bank of Scottland) and Vivint.

Gartner forecasts the total mobile marketing spend will rise to $41.9 billion by 2017. As marketers increase app marketing spend, Ensighten Mobile will enable them to unify data collection, insights and action directly within apps. The new module will boost conversion, engagement, loyalty and retention through app optimization for maximized ROI.

“Ensighten helps us deliver analytic insights about our native apps without the time delay and extra development cycles of constantly re-compiling the app,” said Miki Seltzer, Senior Customer Analyst of Vivint, a leading smart home technology provider.

Ensighten is one of the fastest-growing technology companies, with 150% year-over-year revenue growth. The company last week appointed a chief strategy officer, Pelin Thorogood, to spearhead strategic initiatives and continued innovation, and also announced it was recognized as a Top 100 winner in the AlwaysOn OnCloud Awards for disrupting markets and creating new mobile opportunities. In April 2015, Ensighten will hold its biggest user conference to-date, AGILITY 2015, where marketers will be able to demo and capitalize on App Experience Optimization.

For more on App Experience Optimization, a module of Ensighten Mobile, please visit: http://www.ensighten.com/blog/announcing-real-time-optimization-for-native-mobile-apps/ This new module further enhances the Ensighten Open Marketing Platform, which supports all third-party marketing providers and technologies.

About Ensighten

Ensighten, the global leader in omni-channel data and tag management, is changing the face of digital marketing by transforming the way enterprises collect, own and act on their customer data across all marketing channels and devices. The Ensighten Open Marketing Platform enables enterprises to achieve true one-to-one personalization, accelerate the execution and optimization of their marketing initiatives and deliver superior user experiences. Ensighten, with its unique hybrid-tagging technology, powers companies generating over $1.9 trillion in revenue in over 150 countries. The world’s leading brands (Microsoft, Capital One, United Airlines and T-Mobile) achieve marketing agility by implementing Ensighten’s single line of code. Ensighten is headquartered in San Jose, with offices in San Diego, London and Sydney. To learn more visit www.ensighten.com, and join the conversation on LinkedIn linkedin.com/company/ensighten and Twitter @ensighten.