Digital Advertising meet Custom Flash Drives from USB Memory Direct

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Everyone always seems to go crazy over this word. Go ahead and shout out “Who wants FREE STUFF?” at the next convention you attend and just see how many people immediately stop what they’re doing and head on over to you.

Promotional products have been around for quite some time. It’s basically fluff material to get trade show traffic heading your way. Companies that distribute these products will add your business logo and brand on each of your gifts. The idea is that people will use these promotional products throughout their day and expose others to your company name in the process.

But nowadays this doesn’t really apply to most companies. At the last convention we attended, everyone was either on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Free stuff still serves as a great way to get random wanderer’s attention, but it doesn’t really connect to your business and highlight what you have to offer. Of course, I’m talking about the typical tote bags, hats, t shirts, food, and pens.

We’re here to change that. Here’s how our custom fla​sh drives are connecting digital advertising with physical products in a practical, useful way.

They’re a creative, fun way to connect with customers and potential clients, while also solving one of the biggest problems digital advertisers have had with their physical delivery.

In the past, digital advertisers and businesses usually gave out hard copies of their catalogs and media kits because they were cheap to print for a trade show. Or perhaps they’d collect a list of email lead through a raffle giveaway or something like that, and then touch base with them after the show through an email blast. Neither of these methods proves to be very effective overall, and both still avoid the bigger problem.

How do you quickly connect with something offline when you’re all about online?

Flash drives from USB Memory Direct are a creative, original way to freshen up your digital delivery. Here’s what I mean. Imagine uploading all your digital files, pdfs, videos, media kits, photos, and other relevant marketing materials onto a device you can give away well within your budget? Think about that same person you were going to give a free tote bag to, and instead, giving them a customized flash drive that when plugged in, automatically opens their web browser and takes them to your website.

At the same time, that client gets their own reusable storage device and you have the added bonus of a commodity product being used regularly with your brand name.

We take your logo or brand artwork and customize it just the way you want it onto one of their hundreds of usb styles. Can’t find something you like? USB Me​mory Direct can also create customized 3D shaped USB drives as well, so you can basically make your own style.​