PK4 Media Partners with Are You a Human to Ensure Impressions Are Viewed by Real People

Company Integrates The Verified Human Whitelist™

LOS ANGELES, CA – PK4 Media, a cross-platform technology company, announced it has partnered with Are You a Human to ensure it shows ads only to verified humans. Are You A Human’s patented technology analyzes natural interaction across millions of websites to find real humans, and add them to their Verified Human Whitelist™. The Human Whitelist allows PK4 Media to proactively target ads to only verified humans, eliminating bot traffic and improving campaign performance.

“Bot traffic and ad fraud are concerns for many of our brand and agency partners,” said Tom Alexander, Founder and CEO, PK4 Media. “By partnering with Are You a Human we are able to identify and target real humans, thereby increasing campaign performance and overall brand safety.”

PK4 Media takes advantage of Are You a Human’s Verified Human Whitelist to deliver ads to validated users. Users on The Verified Human Whitelist are analyzed and re-verified every day across millions of websites to ensure they stay human.

“Integrating the Human Whitelist into PK4 Media’s XPS technology allows brands to target real, verified humans on an impression by impression level,” said Reid Tatoris, Co-Founder, Are You a Human. “We’re looking forward to working with PK4 Media to continue our efforts to allow anyone delivering content, experiences, or ads on the Internet to be certain they’re addressing a real human.”

PK4 Media delivers highly targeted digital advertising through its cross-platform technology, XPS™, across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. XPS™ also protects brands by default. Third-party brand safety, viewability tracking and site list transparency come standard with every impression. PK4 Media’s account teams work with client advertisers to determine the best strategy for their campaign goals, monitor and optimize campaigns from beginning to end, and report the results.

About PK4 Media

Headquartered in Los Angeles, PK4 Media is a cross-platform technology company. The company delivers and optimizes highly targeted digital advertising across desktop, mobile and tablet devices through its proprietary Demand-Side Platform (DSP), self-service programmatic interface, and customized managed services. Named one of America’s Most Promising Companies by Forbes, it offers high-impact media capabilities through direct-to-publisher relationships and advanced planning. Founded in 2009, PK4 Media’s clients are advertisers and include companies such as Amazon, Amgen, AT&T, Ford, NBCUniversal, Procter & Gamble and others. For more information please visit

About Are You a Human

Are You a Human is the curator of The Verified Human Whitelist™, which allows anyone using it to be certain they are addressing a verified human before they serve content, services, or ads. For more information visit

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