Real-Time Technology from Networked Insights Makes Big Data Actionable for Brands

Big Analytics breakthrough takes social analytics beyond simply knowing what audiences are talking about to pinpointing why, in mere seconds. Try it at

CHICAGO – Networked Insights, a leading marketing analytics company, has launched a new analytics capability called Pinpoint that allows marketers to determine why a metric is up or down in seconds. This new technology delivers actionable insight and is available through Networked Insights’ analytics platform, Kairos.

The days of marketers drowning in data are behind us now that our customers have access to Pinpoint in Kairos.

Kairos is built upon a semantic language network that is constantly analyzing and comparing billions of social data points. This is the groundwork for Pinpoint, which leverages a new algorithm to find surges in the semantic network occurring outside the norm and goes on to identify why the spike is happening. Pinpoint, which is fully integrated within Kairos, gives marketers further context in just a few clicks, eliminating the task of poring over hundreds of posts and digging into word clouds to extract meaning.

“It’s no longer enough to show that a trend is up or down. Marketers need to know why in an instant,” said Dan Neely, CEO of Networked Insights. “The days of marketers drowning in data are behind us now that our customers have access to Pinpoint in Kairos.”

Pinpoint works by constantly organizing and categorizing more than 15,000 linguistic signals to understand why consumers are engaging across social media. Then, when an unexpected signal occurs on any given interest, brand or topic, Pinpoint analyzes the spike to instantly reveal why the spike is happening. New and emerging sub-themes are highlighted and quantified to illustrate the reasons behind the spike.

“Pinpoint’s logic analyzes normal themes and conversation patterns over time and then analyzes what is different when a new or emerging theme is unusually high,” said Neely. “This saves marketers the time required to analyze hundreds or thousands of posts to find out these themes and patterns on their own, and allows them to spend more time taking action.”

Pinpoint is fully integrated in Kairos and available to Networked Insights customers. Some features of Pinpoint are also accessible at, a curated collection of trending topics identified by Pinpoint in real-time. Visitors to the site can preview Pinpoint trending topics and determine why consumers are engaging with them.

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