Jointly with Kyivstar and Adtelligent, StarLightMedia Launches New Big Data Based Solution for Advertisers

StarLightMedia has implemented an innovation that delivers advertisements to the target audience based on Kyivstar Big Data and Adtеlligent advertising technologies. The project allows placing the banner and video ad campaigns on the Internet utilizing Big Data algorithms developed by Kyivstar, the mobile operator.

“We are trying to offer the most efficient solutions to advertisers. For StarlightMedia, innovativity means one of the development areas. As the market players, who don’t stand still and silent, we are eager to improve our services,” said Mykola Feingold, Director of the PayTV & Digital StarLight Media Division.

Currently, the service includes a highly potential targeting of an advertisement per gender and age. It is the first step of the project. Further, the targeting parameters will be expanded. Kyivstar experts have already developed dozens of algorithms aimed to build the impersonalized profiles of prospective customers. These profiles will enable the prediction of additional parameters of the Internet user with much higher probability given the mathematical models developed by Kyivstar.

“We have been on this path for a couple of years already. This solution, very similar to what Google offers, the world’s biggest player, is now available at our digital ad platform. Mathematical algorithms and models strengthen it. This year, we have launched the project jointly with Kyivstar, but we will not stop where we are. The ad banners and video campaigns will become more popular among advertisers, and the advertisement will be more interesting to its consumers”, resumed Svitlana Mohylevska, CIO of the PayTV & Digital StarLight Media Division.

“At Kyivstar, we maintain the largest base of customers in Ukraine. It counts for 26 million users of mobile devices and the Internet. Per telecom services, the behavior analysis forms the basis of the analytical models based on Big Data”, commented Kostiantyn Vechir, Corporate Business Development Director of Kyivstar. Analysis of the massive impersonalized data provides an opportunity for further business development. With Big Data, we determine the target audience and their needs as precisely as possible, build communication with customers, enhance the marketing promo tools performance, and launch efficient ad campaigns”.

“Innovations are an integral part of the Adtelligent activities, who jointly with StarlightMedia and Kyivstar supports the development of the new online ad market in Ukraine. The impersonalized data by Kyivstar enhanced with the StarlightMedia experience of the ad placing and our technologies allow businesses and brands to achieve new opportunities for their customers. This is what the market requires and what we are ready to provide.”, concluded Yurii Gorokhov, CTO of Adtelligent Inc.

About StarlightMedia
StarLightMedia is a Ukrainian media group who is the leader of the content production and distribution and the leader of the TV entertainment sector following the results of 2019 with 27% [1] of the audience market share. The group comprises ICTV, ICTV Ukraine, STB, Novy, M1, M2, and Oce TV channels. Sixteen million viewers consume group projects daily. The audience of the TV group projects totals thirty-one million Ukrainians monthly.

About Kyivstar Big Data
Big data analysis by mobile operator Kyivstar is a modern tool that opens up new opportunities for businesses’ development. Kyivstar is an expert in creating products and services based on Big Data.

About Adtelligent
Adtelligent is a sell-side ad tech vendor providing holistic demand management and intermediation solutions for publishers. By integrating ad serving for display and video, header wrapper capabilities, and outstream functionality into a whole one holistic stack, Adtelligent has established a new standard for selling inventory to programmatic buyers. The company ensures publishers with in-house SaaS solutions for ad inventory monetization and yield optimization. Adtelligent has been acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing independent technology companies by Inc. 5000 in 2016 and 2017.