Cannes Lions Commissions Protein to Visualize the Most Important Social Media Conversations at the World’s Biggest Creative Festival

Cannes Lions Data Insights by Protein
Every year, over 13,000 of the world’s most influential advertising, creative, marketing and digital innovators from over 90 countries attend the Cannes Lions festival in France.

This year, the conversations they are having on social media will be broadcast on the big screen in between all the scheduled talks on the main stage, thanks to Protein, a creative agency from London.

Pulling together content from Twitter and Instagram, not just from this year, but from the past five years since 2010, Protein will visualise major trends emerging from the festival, categorised by brand, country, gender and sector.

Using data from the festival since 2010 as well as a special feed featuring 200 of the Festival’s most influential attendees, from Adobe to Ogilvy to McCann, Protein will show what attendance and award trends can tell us about the global creative industries and help us predict where the industry is headed in the future.

For example, we know that every year, more and more countries are represented at the Festival, with this year reaching a record 97 countries, and that the gender gap between delegates at the festival falls year on year. Since 2010, four out of five continents have seen growth in the percentage of female delegates attending the Festival.

Senta Slingerland, Director of Brand Strategy at Cannes, says,

There is so much data to be mined coming out of Cannes Lions – from who’s winning and what kind of people are attending – that can provide real insight into the state of industry. Working with Protein, we’re trying to analyse all that data as well as social buzz to try and make sense of where we’ve come from and where we might go.

William Rowe, founder and CEO of Protein, adds,

At Protein, we believe that knowing your audience is everything. Thanks to Cannes Lions and Adobe, we had an opportunity to really get to know what the most exciting people in the creative, marketing and digital industries attending Cannes are talking about, and where they are headed in the future.

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