Maxifier Partners With Advance Digital to Deliver Programmatic Optimization Strategy

Maxifier Meets Growing Demand for Viewability, Helps One of the Largest News and Information Groups Improve Performance and Achieve Advertiser Goals

NEW YORK, NY – Maxifier, the leader in total performance optimization, announced that Advance Digital, part of Advance Local, one of the largest news and information groups in the U.S., has adopted its ADMAX platform to fully automate its optimization strategy across its core brand titles.

Advance Digital approached Maxifier to provide a solution to optimize campaigns across 11 core sites to deliver the campaign objectives of its advertisers. Taking a phased approach, Advance Digital initially focused on customizing the optimization rules and automation process for After proving this approach and fine-tuning their optimization strategy, they rolled this out across an additional 10 sites.

“With 11 unique sales teams selling campaigns across 11 sites, trying to efficiently and effectively support and deliver to all our advertiser campaign objectives was becoming a daunting task,” said David Rowley, Senior Director, Digital Ad Platform Strategies at Advance Digital. “As a result, we have embraced a total programmatic approach toward optimization by automating 100 percent of the process, so relevant recommendations are immediately implemented for each campaign to improve performance and achieve advertiser goals. Taking this approach has allowed our optimization team to operate at a higher level by providing greater overall support across all our markets in a more strategic-focused manner.”

While many of their advertisers have traditionally focused on performance metrics, the growing demand for viewability means Advance Digital is now working with Maxifier to develop and automate their viewability optimization approach.

“Advance Digital is our first client to develop a totally programmatic approach to optimization so this has been a very interesting development for us,” said Maxifier CMO Roger Williams. “We are also working with them to tackle the growing request by advertisers for campaigns to achieve both a viewability and performance goal concurrently, which brings even greater optimization complexity.”

About Maxifier
Maxifier is the global leader in total performance optimization, enabling premium publishers and media companies to unlock and maximize the value of their inventory. Maxifier’s ADMAX technology is specifically designed to optimize around premium, high-value inventory, bringing visibility, control, transparency, and viewability to the often-cumbersome process of campaign optimization. The ADMAX suite reduces the time ad operations teams spend on optimization so they can focus on higher yields, increasing revenue, and securing a greater proportion of future media budgets. With offices in the U.S., UK, Japan, and Russia, Maxifier analyzes 500 billion impressions annually to drive premium inventory and optimization for more than 44,000 campaigns for leading publishers and media companies.

About Advanced Digital
Advance Digital, Inc., a part of the Advance Local group, is responsible for digital strategy, innovation and development of multiplatform news and information products that enhance the consumer experience across the Advance Local portfolio of brands. Advance Digital is committed to meeting the changing needs of local and national advertisers by delivering strategic and effective marketing solutions across current and emerging platforms. Advance Digital is based in Jersey City, NJ.