Nabinti Launches LiquidBoss, Helps Anyone Design and Launch an eCommerce Website

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LiquidBoss ( is a new product (launched by Nabinti) which allows anyone to create their own ecommerce website quickly, easily, and at low cost.

Why an eCommerce Website?

Having an online presence has long been a must for any retailer, but if that presence does nothing more than establishing your brand, it might not be the best way to reach out to your customers. Today customers expect that, by using your website, they will be able to buy your products or schedule your services. And any customer who, disappointed, will turn to a competitor’s ecommerce website, is a customer who in all likelihood is not coming back.

Why LiquidBoss?

On the other hand, building an ecommerce website is a task that, to most, can appear utterly daunting. This is where LiquidBoss comes in handy. It offers a fully-integrated ecommerce platform which, after only a little setup, will be ready to go. Users can choose from a wide range of templates, can customize the entire content, and can configure parameters such as sales tax, shipping, email campaigns, content and inventory management, and more.

But LiquidBoss is not just for existing businesses: it’s for anyone who wants to sell products or services online: college students or homemakers looking for extra income, small and medium businesses looking to expand online, and even established businesses looking to reach out to a global market (rather than a local or national one) at a low cost.

One great advantage is that, no matter what package you choose, LiquidBoss has no setup fee, no commission deductions, and no extra charges for addons such shopping cart, checkout integration, shipping integration, payment integration, etc. The three packages include everything that a small, medium, or large business might need to have on their ecommerce website: full integration with PayPal, sales and marketing analytics tools, comprehensive inventory management, easy-to-use coupon and gift card management tools, support for loyalty programs, and shipping services with built-in tracking.

The Starter package, at $29 a month, allows the inclusion of up to 25 products. It offers 1GB site storage, and it includes PayPal integration, inventory management, content management, shipping management, and more. The Advanced package, at $78 per month, allows 100 unique product codes and offers 5GB of site storage. It also includes a discount engine, abandoned cart recovery, CRM, and a Google Analytics integration. Finally, the Unlimited package ($159 a month, 10000 product codes and unlimited site storage) also offers email promotions, features products, and suggested products.

Win $1000 with LiquidBoss!

As an added bonus, Nabinti will be running a contest for the store owner that sells the most product online using the LiquidBoss platform. Every user who creates their own LiquidBoss store will be automatically entered into the contest. The winner will be chosen at the end of October 31st and will receive a prize of $1000.

To get started with LiquidBoss, launch your very own ecommerce store, and enter the draw for the $1000 prize, please go to