Simulmedia Releases INSIGHTS For Rapid, Interactive Post-Campaign Reporting

Powered by Simulmedia’s VAMOS Platform, INSIGHTS offers self-service reporting and analytics

NEW YORK – Simulmedia, the leader in driving guaranteed business outcomes for advertisers through the power and scale of linear TV, today announced the release of INSIGHTS, powered by its VAMOS platform. The INSIGHTS application is a self-service online portal through which clients can access reporting for their campaigns, request future campaign options, and receive fast and interactive results. This application is the latest extension of VAMOS, Simulmedia’s platform that powers all of its campaign optimization, execution and reporting.

INSIGHTS gives marketers information about both the campaign they ran with Simulmedia, and their other TV media as well. Different screens report on media delivery as well as business outcomes. In its first version, INSIGHTS will be used for clients in the tune-in space, for whom Simulmedia closes the loop by showing who tuned into a program after being exposed to a promo for that episode. Additional analytics include conversions by network, daypart, and creative, as well as competitive share information and details on where viewers were before and after a given show.

“INSIGHTS lets marketers directly interact with their own reporting, and is a first step along the path towards fully-automated self-service through Simulmedia’s platform,” says Dave Morgan, Simulmedia’s Founder and CEO. “Starting with TV marketers, who need to acquire and retain viewers every week and value immediacy in results, is a great launching pad, and will prepare us for our general market interface as well.”

“We value Simulmedia’s ability to find likely viewers for us and reach them with the right message that will encourage them to tune-in,” says Laurel Bernard, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Fox Broadcasting. “We receive detailed reporting with each campaign we run with Simulmedia and utilize this data to quickly inform the next media decisions we make.  We believe this new tool will make the process faster and more relevant as we craft our plans.”

Simulmedia’s VAMOS platform is the world’s first fully-scaled people-based targeting and measurement platform for linear TV. It has been built to work with all advertisers, and tie exposure data to purchase data across categories – far beyond tune-in. It can also plug into clients’ proprietary data segments via their own CRM systems to generate more granular insights against a client’s most valuable customers.

“Whatever the category, Simulmedia is all about connecting what ads people see with what actions they take to bring transparent ROI to TV,” concludes Mr. Morgan. “We look forward to continuing to give advertisers in all categories faster visibility into how TV is driving their business.”

Simulmedia, Inc., ( a New York based marketing technology company founded in 2009, is the leader in driving guaranteed business outcomes for advertisers through traditional TV marketing. Simulmedia’s VAMOS platform is powered by the world’s largest database of information on what people watch and buy, combined with access to TV inventory that reaches 95% of U.S. TV households. Using its proprietary science and software, Simulmedia reaches specifically-defined audience segments on TV at massive scale, matches consumer purchase data to TV viewing data, and determines the actual sales impact of the advertiser’s TV campaign. The results Simulmedia delivers are guaranteed.