Rubicon Project’s 2nd-Gen High-Frequency Cloud Technology Wins Top Industry Award for Innovative Excellence

2015 Stratus Award Recognizes Rubicon Project’s Investment in Building Disruptive Technologies Via Its Innovation Lab, The Garage

LOS ANGELES – Rubicon Project (NYSE:RUBI), a global technology company leading the automation of advertising, has been selected as a winner of Business Intelligence Group’s 2015 Stratus Awards in Cloud Computing.

“We are so proud that our judges awarded Rubicon Project with a 2015 Stratus Award”

The Stratus Awards recognize those companies and individuals innovating in the Cloud and providing offerings that are truly differentiated in the market. Rubicon Project is being honored with a Stratus Award as the Hybrid Cloud Provider of the Year for HFC2, its second-generation, high-frequency cloud that was used with such excellent results in the Rubicon Project platform that it is now being offered to other companies and developers.

“We are so proud that our judges awarded Rubicon Project with a 2015 Stratus Award,” said Russ Fordyce, Managing Director of the Business Intelligence Group. “It is clear that their performance and innovation has accelerated the adoption of the cloud. Congratulations to the entire team.”

Launched in private beta in April 2015, HFC2 is purpose-built for applications that need hyper-scale infrastructure. It is optimized for low network latency, ultra-high throughput and massive complex event processing. While existing clouds are focused on infrastructure for websites, HFC2 is infrastructure for high-scale transactions. Rubicon Project’s real-time cloud computing infrastructure processes 5 trillion bid requests per month, 3.5 million peak queries per second, and 3.6 petabytes of data across 35,000 CPUs. It consists of unique architectures, custom-engineered hardware and specially programmed silicon chips. HFC2 is the second-generation of this proven high-scale infrastructure, which has processed 100 trillion bid requests since 2012 for thousands of customers.

“There is a need in this market for infrastructure that can handle high-frequency transactions requiring extensive data-driven decision-making in the bid stream,” said Jan Gelin (@DevopsInus), Chief Systems Architect at Rubicon Project. “With HFC2, Rubicon Project has built an infrastructure that is purpose-built to process massive amounts of data to make real-time decisions at scale. It makes batch processing a thing of the past. Technologies providing data in the system can now enable real-time data processing in the bid stream.”

HFC2 is one of two products currently in private beta to come from the company’s innovation lab, The Garage, which is focused on building disruptive technologies to further accelerate the growth of advertising automation. The other Garage product now in private beta is DSP Builder, a complete, easy-to-use development platform for rapidly creating real-time bidding applications.

“At Rubicon Project, our innovators are focused on creating the cutting-edge technologies that will drive growth for the advertising industry, attract new entrants, and support innovators who will create new solutions that make advertising better for buyers, sellers and consumers,” said Tim McQuillen, Chief Knowledge Officer at Rubicon Project. “It’s a natural extension of Rubicon Project’s ongoing mission to disrupt and innovate with the intent of moving the industry ever forward.”

For further information on joining the HFC2 or DSP Builder private beta, visit

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About Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project is a leading technology company automating the buying and selling of advertising. Relentless in its efforts for innovation, Rubicon Project has engineered one of the largest real-time cloud and Big Data computing systems, processing trillions of transactions within milliseconds each month. The company’s pioneering technology created a new model for the advertising industry – similar to what NASDAQ did for stock trading. Rubicon Project’s automated advertising platform is used by the world’s leading publishers and applications to transact with top brands around the globe.

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