Spanish Tech Firm Antevenio Announces MDirector, a Unique Cross-Channel CRM Technology

The cloud based solution MDirector allows advertisers to combine email marketing and mobile text messaging with display & social retargeting all in one platform.

Madrid – Antevenio (Euronext Paris: ALANT) leaps forward and launches the first tool in the world that allows advertisers a complete digital management of their customer relationship, simplifying existing processes. It does so through its Cross-Channel Marketing MDirector platform, which combines email and mobile text marketing with programmatic media buying of Display Ads on desktops and on Facebook.

Joshua Novick, CEO and founder of Antevenio, states that the new tool demonstrates “the capacity our company has to develop state of the art technology and do it before anyone else”. He also highlights the importance for the immediate future of the company, of a project in which it has invested two years of work: “it will allow us to face the challenge of entering the US market, the most competitive of the world in this area. The new solution will also strengthen our position in the European and Latin American countries where we already operate”.

In particular, the CRM Retargeting module opens new ways of communication with the costumers, since marketers can now combine e-mail & mobile text marketing with social and web re-marketing. The collection of first party data is mechanized and does not require any additional effort from the users of this tool since all cookie collection scripts are automatically included in all landing pages and email communications. David Olivares, General Manager of MDirector, ensures that with this Project “something truly innovative has been born. Above all, our solution brings Cross-Channel Marketing to the next level. Our solution allows marketers to be a lot more creative in their CRM communication. For example if a company wants to invite clients and prospects to an event, they could initially communicate with their database via display and social retargeting. When all users have been exposed to display ads during various weeks they could plan a series of 3 emails giving clients/prospects the reason they should attend the event. Finally a day before the event they could send a mobile text message to remind clients/prospects that clicked on the emails that the event is tomorrow.”

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About Antevenio

With 17 of history, Antevenio is a leading reference in the digital marketing market in Southern Europe and Latin America. Founded in 1997 by Joshua Novick, who remains at the head of the Company as CEO, Antevenio provides solutions with proprietary technology for both advertisers and web publishers through the Group business units. Since 2007, Antevenio is listed on NYSE-Alternext from Paris and has offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Paris, Buenos Aires and Mexico DF.