RhythmOne Executes Technology Partnership with DataXu

RhythmOne integrates the RhythmMax Unified Programmatic Platform with DataXu’s Demand Side Platform, to Strengthen and Accelerate its End-to-End Programmatic Offering for Advertisers

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. — RhythmOne (“1R” or “the Company”), a technology-enabled media company that connects audiences with brands through premium content across devices, today announces a partnership with DataXu to integrate the Company’s programmatic platform, RhythmMax, into DataXu’s Demand Side Platform (DSP).

DataXu’s platform features a suite of user-friendly media planning and buying applications built on a real-time machine learning and predictive analytics engine enabling marketers to strategically plan, execute and optimise their media investments. The recent Forrester DSP Wave report recognized the DataXu Platform as the “strongest current offering” and for having the “most unique tool for helping marketers plan offline and online investments at the most granular level.”

In addition to a broad supply footprint of unified, unique and uniformly pre-filtered inventory – with a core focus on mobile, video and rich media – the RhythmMax platform is unique in its approach to traffic filtering and quality assurance. Its patent-pending brand safety technology, RhythmGuard, blocks fraudulent or suspicious traffic before it reaches the marketplace.

“RhythmMax’s extensive supply footprint consists of owned, controlled and aggregated audiences,” said Dwight Ringdahl, Senior Vice President of Engineering at RhythmOne. “RhythmGuard verifies and eliminates fraud at every point across the digital pathway – domain, publisher, page, user, content and ad-level.  Our post-bid verification technology protects advertisers and ensures that served domains are verified to be safe before the ad is served. Through this partnership, Advertisers gain access to one of the cleanest sources of pre-filtered and verified inventory in the industry. This integration underscores our programmatic proposition – to provide the most efficient, brand-safe marketplace for digital advertising and content distribution.“

“RhythmOne’s mission is to provide high-quality, cross-screen advertising at scale, through a single point of access. RhythmMax, our unified programmatic platform, will enable the Company to capture growing demand through automated trading channels and deliver on the promise of brand-safe, cross-screen advertising at scale,” said Dan Slivjanovski, Chief Marketing Officer at RhythmOne. “Through this partnership with DataXu, we combine the strengths of both companies and offer a truly differentiated offering to our advertisers.”

“We are delighted to partner with RhythmOne and complete the integration of the DataXu platform with RhythmMax.  We believe that the integration of the two platforms brings together the best of the supply- and demand-side technologies and strengthens both companies’ position as leaders within the advertising ecosystem,” said Ed Montes, Chief Revenue Officer of DataXu.

About RhythmOne

RhythmOne is a media technology company that connects audiences with brands through premium content across devices, at scale. We work with advertisers, publishers and content providers to offer fully integrated, cross-screen advertising solutions, spanning desktop and mobile video, rich media, display, social and native formats. RhythmOne offers advertisers a significant supply footprint through both owned and operated web properties and a network of quality partners. RhythmGuard, our proprietary filtering technology that screens and qualifies inventory pre-campaign, eliminates suspicious or fraudulent traffic before it reaches the advertiser. The sum of these capabilities ensures advertisers maximize their ROI, with transparent measurement around campaign effectiveness and attribution. RhythmOne’s long-term vision is to provide the industry’s most accountable marketplace for online advertising.

The Company is headquartered in San Francisco, California with offices worldwide. For more information please visit www.rhythmone.com.

About DataXu

DataXu is a petabyte scale marketing cloud that enables marketers to better understand and engage their customers. Powered by Active Analytics™, the DataXu Marketing Cloud is a suite of applications that transform big data into better customer experience – at the speed of life. Our software helps marketers focus their marketing investments and achieve optimal results across all available media formats, devices, channels, and buying modes. With fourteen offices in ten countries, DataXu is powering the digital transformation of the world’s most valuable brands.

Visit www.dataxu.com for more information.