Opera Mediaworks Acquires Danish Ad Tech Company adQuota

Mobile marketing giant buys into Scandinavia

The worldwide Opera group has acquired adQuota from its founder, Torben Majgaard the Danish IT entrepreneur. adQuota – the company behind Scandinavia’s leading mobile ad network – will live on as an independent brand but also become part of the world’s biggest platform for mobile advertising, Opera Mediaworks. According to adQuota the deal will mark a new era on the market.

Today’s announcement is received with excitement at adQuota’s offices, says CFO, Thomas Juul. He sees big opportunities in the coming years.

– At one stroke we’ve moved directly into the Champions League. From now on we’ll be able to grant our clients access to a host of new solutions and options, which no one on the Danish market has been able to offer so far. This includes better reach, tracking, video and other creative formats. Especially we’re excited to launch an efficient new audience targeting setup, which will elevate our segmentation offerings and precision to a whole new level.

– It’s a good day for our media partners as well. Already we’re delivering one of the best revenues on the market, and now that we’re also getting a piece of the mayor international ad campaigns we’ll be able to do even better. I’m not afraid to dub this a new era in Danish mobile marketing, says Thomas.

Managing Director at Opera, Mark Slade is also excited about the deal and describes the acquirement of adQuota as the company’s main priority in Scandinavia.

– We’re listed in Norway but we haven’t had our foot in the door on the Scandinavian market – until now. By acquiring what we consider as the absolute strongest player in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries we’ve secured ourselves a position as market leader.

– Through the years we’ve accumulated a huge amount of knowhow at Opera Mediaworks and we’ve build an organisation that’s one of a kind in a global perspective. Consequently we feel we have all the right tools to make adQuotas great set-up even better. All in all we’re extremely pleased we found a way to makes this deal happen, says Mark.

adQuota was founded in 2010 by Danish IT entrepreneur Torben Majgaard. He too regards the takeover as a giant leap forward for his former company.

– Quite frankly I’m extremely proud. I consider this deal a seal of approval of our work from the world’s number 1 in the space – and I firmly believe it’s the right move. As a part of Opera Mediaworks, adQuota will very soon be able to offer solutions it would have taken us several years to develop on our own, says Majgaard.

The acquisition rounds off a busy half year at adQuota, where a new technical platform as well as a new organisation has been put in place. Also – for the first time in company history – adQuota has made a profit.

– Thanks to the small turn-around we’ve been through, the company is now ready to take the next step and it’s back in hiring mode. Moreover, the last six months has shown that Scandinavian advertisers are finally starting to see the potential in mobile ads. That’s why I believe this is the exact right time for adQuota to take the next step and advance mobile advertising to the same level as abroad. I’m looking forward to following it from the sideline, says Majgaard.

adQuota in short

adQuota is a full-service mobile ad company with advertising network, creative studio and campaign management.

The adQuota adNetwork is among the biggest mobile ad networks in Scandinavia and the Baltics, covering more than 400 media partners.

The mobile-dedicated creative department is among the most experienced of its kind in the Nordic countries.

The campaign management services include planning, targeting, monitoring and reporting.

22 employees in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

To learn more, please visit adquota.com.

Opera Mediaworks in short

The world’s biggest platform for mobile advertising with an ad network covering more than 17.500 sites and apps, reaching more than 277 million unique users globally.

Part of the Opera group, which employs more than 1040 people around the world.

In-house creative departments and campaign management services dedicated to mobile advertising.

Headquarter in Norway and offices in USA, Sweden, China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Taiwan, Iceland and India.

Powering more than 90 % of the top Ad Age global advertisers.

To learn more, please visit operamediaworks.com