Strategic Partnership Ushers in New Era in Analytics and Delivery in Banking

Segmint and The Trade Desk Partner to Combine Active Analytics, Always OnSM Marketing and Real Time Bidding, Opening Up Banks to do Secure 1-to-1 Marketing Across Millions of Web Sites

Money 2020 Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada – – Within financial services, the promise of the open internet and programmatic marketing has historically been overshadowed by privacy and security concerns, bounding banks to their own physical and digital properties. However, a strategic partnership between Segmint Inc. and The Trade Desk has unlocked the open internet to highly regulated industries like banking to real-time, 1-to-1 targeted marketing.

Segmint, a global leader in active analytics and Always OnSM cross-channel marketing, has integrated The Trade Desk’s Demand Side Platform with the SegmintOne end-to-end marketing solution. This integration provides the SegmintOne tool with 1-to-1 ad buying capabilities via Real Time Bidding (RTB). As a result, financial institutions can now, for the first time, leverage their own data to securely deliver personalized messages to individuals on the open internet, a proven method for driving the highest levels of cross-sell, new customer acquisition and greater engagement.

The strategic partnership was announced at the Money 2020 conference in Las Vegas.

The SegmintOne platform analyzes an organization’s own anonymous first party data to understand its customers through Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLIs). The KLIs are used to precisely target customers for relevant marketing messages, and then identifies a match between a customer’s KLI mix and a KLI-targeted campaign. The Segmint solution, through its integration with The Trade Desk platform, will bid on ad space through its programmatic RTB capabilities and then securely deliver a personalized message across millions of web sites in milliseconds when a bid is won.

This patented approach maintains the highest levels of privacy and security and adheres to all financial regulatory requirements, including the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC). SegmintOne ingests 12 to 24 months of first party and third party data, anonymizing it in a way that does not accept any Personally Identifiable Information.

The solution identifies customers through the use of an anonymous code that triggers in real-time a 1-to-1 message presented within a third party web site. This has been the key to overcoming the privacy and security concerns by the compliance groups within financial services.

“We are excited about expanding the advancements in demand side technologies more prominently into banking,” said Jeff Green, CEO and Co-Founder of The Trade Desk. “Financial institutions of all sizes are now well positioned to be at the center of online advertising’s trading future by leveraging this highly efficient, transparent technology.”

“Our ability to now arm financial institutions with advanced, programmatic RTB delivery capabilities that expand their reach across the open internet, in combination with the science of KLI targeting and real-time delivery, is providing a significant advantage that is driving dramatic results in terms of cross-sell, acquisition and customer engagement,” added Rob Heiser, Segmint CEO and President.

One forward thinking financial institution began delivering targeted 1-to-1 messages to the open internet via the SegmintReach real-time delivery technology, which is powered by The Trade Desk’s RTB network and programmatic marketing capabilities. Since April, this financial institution has realized a 397% increase in HELOC originations, among customers within the campaign’s KLI-target audience. This real-time approach eliminates the traditional “spray and pray” model inherent in traditional marketing, empowering marketers to deploy a highly efficient, precisely targeted and relevant digital marketing strategy to leverage in combination with its offline marketing approach.

The solution can be hosted in the cloud and can be simply accessed from an Internet browser and is designed to help marketers easily and accurately build campaigns through powerful predictive capabilities by utilizing an easy-to-use interface.

SegmintReach enables banks to control spend on media by only purchasing ad inventory when there is a KLI match between a relevant message and an anonymous user. As a result, campaigns run concurrently and are left in an “always on” state and only deliver a targeted message in real-time when a KLI match occurs within any channel.

The solution also offers powerful data visualization capabilities for marketers to match message delivery with actual product openings to track real-time campaign performance, including cross-sell conversions, new customer acquisition and the full economic and face value of products sold.

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